Political Theater Unnecessary



The Washington political theater over health coverage is unnecessary. The legislators of both houses are either ignorant or disingenuous about their concern for the uninsured.

A program already in existence — the Dept. of Health and Human Services Medicaid program — is a government health plan which needs neither an immense new bureaucracy nor a 2,000-page list of Medicare cuts, pork to Louisiana, taxpayer funded abortions, etc.

Our elected officials and the offices they oversee can cover any number of uninsured Americans. All they need do is raise the income limits for additional persons to access coverage.

Who are the people setting the unrealistic income and eligibility limits which keep open the “cracks” through which uninsured Americans fall? By gosh, it must be our senators and legislators! Not “evil” businesses, insurance companies, Bernie Madoff, Wall Street, lobbyists, or our legislators latest “scapegoat of the week.”

Why is Medicaid not simply expanded? Real new jobs would be created hiring new caseworkers, small businesses could hire workers without having to insure them immediately; and senators and representatives could pay off their generous campaign donors in greedy unions and businesses that made unsustainable labor agreements.

If legislators are so ignorant that they are unaware that they created the Medicaid glass ceiling that keeps people uninsured, or if they are just hoping that we are too busy working to fund their ridiculous schemes to have time to ask these questions, they should be looking for another job.

The health care debate is simply a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury ... signifying, nothing!

Let’s “Re-member next November.”

Judith Carroll


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