Aarp Card Adds To Confusion



I would like the Roundup to warn seniors of what I call fraud by AARP.

This is the time of year when seniors are comparing Medicare Rx Prescription Plans to find one that is inexpensive and can cover all their prescriptions.

Without my contact with AARP, they have mailed to my wife and I, and apparently all seniors in this area, a fancy plastic card for their prescriptions for a plan that costs $29 with a $310 deductible. I did not request this card or information from AARP.

Other seniors may have already decided on a plan and have enrolled in that plan. Then this plastic card arrives and they think this is their new card.

This is a marketing scam and just adds to the confusion during this annual enrollment period. It should be exposed.

I would send the card so you could see how deceptive it is, but my wife and I threw the ones we received in the trash when we received them. A friend just mentioned he had received one and was confused by it and worried that he was going to have to pay this higher price.

Please print this letter to warn other seniors about this.

Gordon Rand


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