Activities Have Resumed In Tonto Village


Tonto Village suffered through no electricity, phones or water last week for about two and a half days.

The main problem was the food in the refrigerators and freezers. Some of the residents had generators which helped, but most of the Villagers were using candles and flashlights for lighting in the evening.

The Snyder residence did not have a generator, until Hubby went and bought one Wednesday afternoon, and then there was power!

Most of Arizona was in the same predicament because of the winter storm, so the Village was not alone. All the utility employees need a pat on the back for working extra hours to get the power back on. A big thank you to APS and Qwest.

The Village residents have gone all out on decorating their homes for the holidays. Take some time during the evening to cruise through the Village.

Some of the more notable ones are the Garretts on Johnson Boulevard as well as Bobbie Davis’ home.

Activities have resumed

The power outage canceled meetings and pool tournaments in the Village but they have now resumed a regular schedule. Dominoes is still meeting every Wednesday afternoon at the Hellsgate Fire Station in Tonto Village at 1 p.m. This Wednesday was the annual Christmas party which is always fun.

The nine-ball tournament resumed on Tuesday evening at the Double D with a welcome addition to the team. Pat Bates is back in the Village. Pat was an avid pool player before she moved to the Valley and now that she is back, she will be playing in the tournaments. Welcome back, Pat.

The winners from last week’s nine-ball tournament were Kara Shaw, Patty Boeschling and Judy Tolle.

Last Saturday, I attended the presentation of “A Joyous Noel” Christmas concert by the Payson Choral Society. What a marvelous song fest.

There were the traditional songs of Christmas, but there were also songs that were unfamiliar to me, but sung to perfection.

The chorus consists of about 70 singers of all ages and the director Daria Mason has done a wonderful job of blending all the voices. In a town the size of Payson, having 70 singers in a chorus is fantastic!

Don’t miss their next concert. You will have a great evening of songs to uplift you.


Rita Spalink of Tonto Village II will celebrate her birthday on Dec. 19. Carol O’Dell of Thompson Draw II has her big day on Dec. 22. Jan Farmer lights another candle on her birthday cake on Dec. 23. Last, but not least, Nancy Yoakum of Thompson Draw II and Phoenix celebrates her birthday on Dec. 26. Here’s hoping that happy dreams and magical moments surround you on your special day. Happy birthday to all of you!


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