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Andy Towle/Roundup -

The 2009 Holiday House Lighting Contest was a huge success. Thirty houses participated, with entries from all segments of Payson, Mesa del Caballo and Star Valley.  First place and $400 goes to Hunter Hardt, 821 W. Pinto Circle in Payson.


Andy Towle/Roundup -

  “The hardest part of the contest was the judging, with all contestants doing a great job,” said John Stanton, chamber of commerce manager. "Because of this intensity, we are awarding three additional prizes: fourth place for $100 and an additional two honorable mentions for $50 each.” Second and $250, Tony Phillips, 11 S. Hillside Drive in Star Valley.


Andy Towle/Roundup -

Third place in the contest and $150, went to Jeanne Coppins, 8067 W. Hallway Drive in Mesa del Caballo. Honorable mentions include, Jim Voyles, 501 S. Wade Court; Robert Birgam, 826 W. Overland Road; Nicole DePugh, 608 E. Hunter; Ray Wiebe, 608 E. Park Drive; Laurie Cross, 2014 N. Saddle Blanket; and George Barrus, 8123 W. Cherry Ann Lane in Mesa del Caballo. Winners can pick up their winnings at the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday or 9 a.m. to noon on Wednesday. The contest is sponsored by APS, the Town of Star Valley, the Payson Roundup and the chamber.

1. Hunter Hardt, 821 W. Pinto Circle, Whiting & Longhorn

2. Jack Morris, 175 Moonlight Dr. Star Valley

3. Ernie Kabelka, 403S. Brassie Dr, Mesa Dr/Bonita St

4. Mikey Marazza, 803 W. Oso Dorado Circle Mclane/Longhorn

5. George Barrus, 8123 W. Cherry Ann Lane, MDC, Caballero

6. Leo Lee, 905 W. Granade Way/ Heritage to Granada

7. Jim Cross 806 E. Wagon Wheel Cir.

8. Laurie Cross, 2014 N. Saddle Blanket

9. Adam Haught, 902 W. Antler Cir/ Antler Cir/Wilderness Dr

10. robert Birgam, 826 W. Overland Rd/ Whiting & Overland

11. Tony Phillips, 11 S. Hillside Dr, Star Valley/ Moonlight/Quail Hallow

12. Jim Voyles, 501 S. Wade Court/ Mudspring& Wade (across from Hospice)

13. Susan White, 1113 Deer Born Dr/ Phoenix & Deer Born

14. Don Linsley, 908 E Wade Cir/ Mudspring

15. Donald Loeding, 407 E. Timber Dr

16. Scott Rhodes, 505 N. Manzanita, E. Evergreen & E Timber

17. Joel Esra, 205 N. Manzanita, 260&N.Manzanita

18. Scott Popke, 215 E Cedar Mill Ct, Star Valley, Mill Ct/Houston Creek Rd

19. John Heflin, 1602 W. Gina Pt/, Chenault/Gina

20. Jamie Schulte, 702 E. Skyway Ct, Easy/Skyway

21. Mike Kraus, 928 W. Sherwood Dr, End of Sherwood

22. Nicole DePugh, 608 E. Hunter Dr., Phoenix & Hunter

23. Jeanne Coppins, 8067 W. Hallway Dr, MDC 1st Immediate right after stopsign

24. Bill Helmintoller, 609 N. Oak Ridge Rd, Oak Ridge/Sherwood

25. Ronald Armstead, 211 W. Saddle ln, W. Roundup-new

26. Cameron Davis, 106 N. Mogollon Tr. Overland/Mogollon Tr.

27. Ray Wiebe, 608 E. Park Dr/ N. Manzanita

28. Brad Barnes, 507 E. Alpine Dr, south of Easy of of Manzanita

29. Don Rhodes, 812 W. Longhorn

30. Mark Brunson, 1108 N. Alyssa Cr. Lexi/Alyssa Cir.


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