Federal Government Is Growing Too Big



The incredible growth of this federal government is again glaring in this morning’s news.

The huge increase, in the last 18 months, in the number of federal employees that are making over $100,000 annually should be a wake up call to all of us who earn far less, of what this administration is trying to do. The report states also that the average federal employee earns in excess of $71,000, while the national average for non-government workers is slightly over $40,000.

In the Department of Transportation alone, 18 months ago, only one employee earned over $170,000, and now ... there are 1,690 of them earning more than that amount. And all of this at a time when there are millions and millions of us out of work, and untold millions of others that can’t earn enough to fully support their families.

All of us need to say enough and immediately contact our representatives in Washington, and “just say no” to anymore increases in the growth of this insane government!

The proposed new health reform bill alone, will create hundreds of new commissions, bureaus and committees, with hundreds of thousands of more federal employees! Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Call or write today.

Larry J. Kontz


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