New Rules Are Form Of Blackmail



Blackmail. What else would you call it?

Our glorious leader says if Congress does not pass his Cap & Trade (tax scam that is), the EPA will enforce its rules and regs, which will be much more restrictive and cause a loss of our liberties. Congress should call his bluff and pass laws that will eliminate the EPA on at least revising a good portion of its authority and its agenda and programs. If this isn’t blackmail then I don’t know what is.

It appears that President Obama is going to put forth his agendas whether we like it or not (going against the will of the majority). One might call this a dictatorship. His actions are beginning to appear more and more like Hugo Chavez every day. What’s next?

People better wake up before it’s too late or they may find themselves with the changes he promised during his campaign. We might just call that socialism, communism. It has already installed his commissions who are already active in making changes and altering America. Unfortunately, we have a worthless Congress with no guts, a bunch of sheep that are following the leader to the destruction of a great nation.

Ed Welge


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