Shame On Us



Would you accept a mortgage contract that allows various serious future actions against you of which your representative agent attempted to submit, for signature, without explanation?

Recognizing the devastating stipulated terms, you ask him to explain his actions. His response is he did not know the details, the contract was too long to read, to legalistic, time was too short, the mortgagor was pressing for a decision and signature. Shame on me if I continue my agent’s representative contract. His “I’m sorry” is hollow.

I’m sorry is a response that falls too easily from incompetent people, but we are loyal to the politicians, we send them back or someone like them.

Einstein once said, “insanity” is doing the same thing over and over (and over), and expecting a different result. How insane is it to send representatives vote its imposition on “the people” — not only on our lives but future generations to come?

Are we naïve, just ignorant (as they believe us to be), and too embroiled in having fun to recognize “the oil is coming to a boil”? The frog is blissfully swimming along, not concerned.

The people are about to be cooked and served up. When we don’t like frog we always blame the elected people in Congress. But we cast the ballot — the buck stops back home. What we are seeing is a default of responsibility, representatives sworn to abide by the Constitution, giving away our freedom and liberty to choose for ourselves and for our posterity.

Surely someone will ask, how did you let it happen? I heard the same phrase about my relatives in Germany and the Ukraine — part of the former USSR. I heard this from my fellow American citizens, about the Germans caught up in the Deutschland of the Third Reich — they were too busy and trusted even when warned. The oil isn’t at the boiling point — yet.

Do not get involved, they are very intimidating, so we fear to act. History is replete with responses like, I didn’t know, I’m sorry, it isn’t my fault, it’s not fair, I really was too busy — shame on us! Neither as a Democrat or Republican can we excuse ourselves from the wise definition of our actions as described by Einstein — it’s our insanity. We of course, blame it on Obama.

By the way, for those who knew of a U.S. Constitution, who has the responsibility and the power? “We the people.” Take a look, there are more of us than them — let us arise! There is a Latin phrase “Illegitimi non Carborundum” (Don’t let the xxx grind you down). With their smooth talk, misrepresentations, half truths, pay-offs and our short memories we let ourselves be worn down.

So, “Cavest Emptor,” let the buyer beware. It is up to “We the People.” Once, twice, but the third time? — Shame on us. It is time to show the unworthy, no more trust and the way out of those sacred halls of Congress — we need honorable statesmen and trustworthy representatives. Honor and trust be earned, not given away at least not ’til receiving the Nobel Prize.

Erich W. Kirchhoefer


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