Christmas Filled With Classic Songs


I was blessed this past Saturday to play music for the Payson Community Kids’ Christmas party, hosted by the good folks at the United Methodist Church.

Almost all of the 60-plus children who are enrolled in the program were on hand, along with many of their parents and family.

We had pizza and chicken wings to eat, a visit from jolly old St. Nick and presents galore — thanks to the overwhelming support from so many people in the community.

All of “Marcy’s Kids” left the church with smiles on their faces — and arms full of goodies.

Isn’t Christmas just a wonderful time of the year? It’s a time for being with loved ones, a time for giving gifts to those who are special in our lives — and, most of all, it’s a time for putting “Christ” in Christmas.

For me, as a DJ at this time of the year, I have the pleasure of providing music at events where I get to witness the unabashed joy in children’s faces as they sing along to “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” “Frosty the Snowman,” “Here Comes Santa Claus” and many other classic Christmas favorites.

And these songs really are classics. It was in 1939 that Robert May created a story and song about Rudolph (the Red-Nosed Reindeer), as part of his employment with Montgomery Ward.

In 1949, Gene Autry formally recorded this song, which peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard charts that Christmas season.

In 1950, shortly after Autry’s commercial success with “Rudolph,” songwriters Walter Rollins and Steve Nelson presented him with their song, “Frosty The Snowman,” about a snowman who came to life one day by a magical hat that children had placed on his head.

In the song, Frosty and the children frolicked in playful adventures together before the beloved snowman “hurried on his way.”

But near the end of their adventures, the children become saddened by Frosty having to hurry on his way for the last time. However, Frosty assures them, “I’ll be back again someday!”

This week’s music trivia question is: In the song “Frosty the Snowman,” what does Frosty have for a nose?

Is it a A) carrot, B) lump of coal, C) button or D) Winchester 44 magnum shotgun shell?

Be lucky caller number seven and have the right answer and you’ll win a fabulous holiday prize — a complimentary night’s lodging on New Year’s Eve at Happy Jack Lodge in Happy Jack. The lodge is located on Lake Mary Road, a scenic 45 minutes north of Payson.

Happy Jack Lodge is offering a great New Year’s Eve special — for only $15 a single (or $25 per couple), you’ll enjoy food, music (I’ll be entertaining from 8 p.m. until 1 a.m.), champagne at midnight and wonderful hospitality. What a deal — and what a great opportunity to do something different on New Year’s Eve.

Also, lodge owner, Chi Chi, says “If you’re planning on staying overnight in one of our lodge’s cabins, mention this music trivia column and receive a 10 percent discount on any cabin.” (Call Chi Chi at 928-477-2806.)

Now, let’s check out how we did with last week’s music trivia question, which was: Can you name the folk/pop/country artist who recorded the 1979 song “Goodbye My Friend?”

Three of her top pop hits were “You’re No Good” (1974), “When Will I Be Loved” (1975) and “Blue Bayou” (1977).

Is this artist: A) Dolly Parton, B) Linda Ronstadt, C) Emmylou Harris or D) Sarah Palin?

The correct answer: Linda Ronstadt.

Parton and Harris were also popular country music singers during Ronstadt’s era and would have been good contest guesses. Sarah Palin is the photogenic, outspoken and some might say, controversial, former governor of Alaska.

Congratulations to this past week’s music trivia winner, Grace Mootsey, who won a $10 gift certificate from the Sock Room. Located in the old Fireside Espresso, this new business guarantees to “sock it to ya’” when you walk through its front door.

Grace is a regular music trivia caller and has been a winner twice in the past.

Lastly, new pictures that I have added to my Web site are from Saturday’s Payson Community Kids’ Christmas Party. (Kids take such cute pictures!)

I hope to see you next week at Happy Jack Lodge.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

DJ Craig

Phone: 468-1482

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