Rim Country Students Write Letters To Santa


Mrs. Walker’s First/Second-Grade Class, Pine/Strawberry

Dear Santa, I really, really want a Leapster Two. I want a new stuffed animal puppy. What is your favorite kind of cookie? I’m serious. Mine is cinnamon. Please don’t put me on the naughty list. I’ve been a good girl. — Love, Abbygale

Dear Santa, What is your favorite cookie? Mine is cinnamon cookies. But I want a stuffed animal cat that is blak, orang and white for Christmas I am being good and nice. — Love Holly

Dear Santa, I want a Stuffed anilmal. And a stuffed Santa. I would like a Barbie too. And I’m wishing for a Littlest Pet Shop and a scooter too. What’s your favorite cookie? Merry Christmas — Love Hope

Dear Santa, What is your favorite cookie? Mine is chocolate chip. I would like a stuffed elf and shoed for Max. Maybe a snow globe and a stuffed orca with a Santa Suite. I have been good. — Love, Abby

Dear Santa, I been good this year I wanta x Box 360 this Christmas and a DS and a truck and a air hag too please. — Elijah

Dear Santa, What Is Your favorite kind of cookie? What are the reindeers favorite foods? I have been good. Can I have some collectable Barbie girl dolls? When Is Your birthday? You are a some Santa: — Love, SavannA

Dear Santa, I have been a good girl this year. I would Like fakenails and the glue and a scooter. But one more thing, do you like peanutbutter cookies? — Love Kayla

Dear Santa, For Christmas I Want a snow globe collection and Barbie girl Dolls Have I been good or bad? I Hope I’v been good from — Makenzie

Dear Santa, What is your favorite cookie? I want a Benderoo pack and I want a mind flex pack too. What do you like to eat? I have been good. Do you really have reaindeer that fly? — Emma

Dear Santa, I want a Nitendods. What is your favorite kind of cookie? I want a Littles Pet shop and Benderoo. — Love Madison

Dear Santa, I want for crismas is a Barbie anda Littlspetsop anda truck anda XBoX 360 and a Nintendobs and a wii anda irhog. — Love Caitlyn

Dear Santa, I Wish for new air hogs Beacause last Christmas I crashed my other ones and I want a new wii game. What kind of cookie do you like? — Blake

Dear Santa, I want a NintendoDS What is your favorite cookie? I want a stuff animal for chistmas. My favorite cookie is oatmeal rason I want some LittlesPet Shop please I did all my chors. I have been a good girl this week. I hope you have a good chistmas. How is Rudolf?

Dear Santa, I wanta Nintendo Ds, a bike a Little Pet Shop dog what is yor favorite cookie? — Love, Lexi

Dear Santa, I want a toy truck and an X Box 360 please I have been a good boy this year. I wish you a Merry Christmas. I will give you cookies, but they are a Surprise. — From Duayne

Dear Santa, I want a Nintendo and I an a wii what is your favorite cookie? Mine is chocolatechip. — Love, Placer

Dear Santa, I want a Xbox360 andabike andawii and a Littlest PetShopanda Stuffed Santa anda snowglobes whatis yoar favorite kindof cookies? Merry ChriStmas! — Cheyenne

Ms. Dulaney’s Second-Grade Class, Frontier Elementary

Der Santu, I have done So gode in School. How have you bin dowen. You have the best job — From Evan

Dear Santa, All I would like is 2 barbie dolls please. How are you? How are the elv’s? — Love Yamileth A.

Dear Santa Claus, Santa am I on the good list. Will you give me a poe goe stick. I want a Xbox 360 and modern warfare because I like the part when they come alive. — Love, Couden

Dear Sant Clos, Can I have a gameboy pleses. Lazer car pleses. Haw are you Santclos. — Your frined like Brenden

Dear Santa, Thankyou for all for the toys you have gave me. May I please have a D.Si? I like you Santa! — Your frend Chloe Sumegi

Dear Santa, How are you. Can I have some legoes, and can I pleas have a d.s. with games. And I hope you have a geat chistmas. — From Porter

Dear Santa, Santa What are youdoing? Doyoufill well/ I want a Phone. — Your friend Theresa

Dear Santa, I Love you. I wont a real brum set. You are the best Santa ever. I hope you have a grate crismiss. — Love Hope

Dear Santa, I Want a 2 Supriss, I want a 2 ice creems. I want a Barbie. I wanta Littespet Shop, And think you — your friend Andrea

Dear Santa, How are you? What I want for Christmas is a D.S and Mario party P.S. I hope you have a great Chistmas! — Sinserly, Trenton

Dear Santa, — How are you? What I would want for Christmas is a Walle. YOU give me the best present. — Your friend, Chelby

Dear Santa, One computer Hanna MO. Bike the Hanna Montana. Pinso the Hanna Montana Books the Hanna Montana and Two folder the Hanna Montana. — Love, America F.B

Dear Santa, You’re the best I hope. You neve git Sice. if want be a crismimis. to My I want a crismimis — from Justin McLierial

Dear Santa, I hope you have a very Good Christmas. I want a bike and a Barbie. Santa You are so nise. — Love Fernanda

Dear Santa, Your Very nice last time I been bad Im sorry for being bad. I on’t a good Christmas day. And want a Bakagan and a PS3 — from, tanner

Dear Santa, Howareyou doing. I want a phone for chimis. Wat are you doing. — Love Logan

Dear Santa clause, I am looking forward to cristmas! I am waiting for my cristmas presents. What are you and your elfs doing in the north pole Santa. — Love Lanee

Mrs Ansick’s Second-Grade Class, Julia Randall Elementary

Dear Santa, How are the reindeer doing? Are the elves working hard? I like the toys that the elves make. What is it like in the North Pole? I would like “the Revenge of the Shadow King” for Christmas. I have been good this year because I have been nice to my sister. I hope you have a break from delivering toys! — Your Friend, Hayden

Dear Santa, How are the elves doing? I really like your hat. Is Rudolph okay? I would like the Wii game “My Sims Agents.” I would like the Airdrun from the toy company toys-r-Us. I would like my own computer for my room. I deserve these presents because I am an excellent student in school. I always listen to my teacher. Merry Christmas! — Love, John

Dear Santa, How are you doing? I am going to put decorations on my great house. I am going to ea a candy cane. I can’t wait for you to go in the chimney to the fireplace. I will make you a card and bake you some cookies. I can’t wait for when I hear the bells. I want a lot of presents under my Christmas tree. — From, Coby

Dear Santa, I like your elves. Why do you put Christmas bells on your sleigh? I like your hat. It reminds me of Christmas. Why do your elves make toys? Is Mrs Claus baking gingerbread men? I want a reindeer for Christmas. I hope you have a Merry Christmas. — Sincerely, Michael S.

Dear Santa, I hear you are really jolly. How are the reindeer? How do the reindeer fly? Do the reindeer have babies? I am excited to know if the reindeer have babies to know if they’re cute. I would like a laptop. You are really so busy. I hope you get a vcation after Christmas, Santa. Merry Christmas! — Your Friend, Teryn

Dear Santa, How is Rudolph doing? Has Mrs Claus been cooking? I really like Christmas songs. I want a piano for Christmas so that I can play songs on it. Why are holly leaves pokey? Merry Christmas! — Love Raelynne

Dear Santa, Are the Elves working hard right now? I really like air soft guns. I would like a remote control truck or car for Christmas. I hope you get here safely. I deserve presents because I am nice and respectful. What do you want for Christmas because I will try to get it to you. I Love you Santa. — Your Friend, Dalton

Dear Santa, Do you go on vacations? How are you and Mrs. Claus doing? I have a Santa that Plays music and he’s dressed in a beach shirt and shorts and has a saxophone. I would like a puppy, DSI, and a Nancy Drew Kit. I hope you have a good Christmas! — Love, Ellie

Mrs. Price’s Second-Grade Class, Julia Randall Elementary

Dear Santa, Can you please give me a Nintendo DSI for Christmas? And can you give my Mom and Dad hope. I am wondering how you do the whole world in one night? What’s your head Elf’s first and last name? — Your Friend, Jake

Dear Santa, Can you really see if we are asleep or awake? Santa, you’re my favorite person. Can you please bring me a real bunny? How do you go around the earth In One Whole Night! I would love to have a ride in your big sleigh. Does your sleigh have comfortable seats? Do your elves ride in your sleigh with you? I can’t wait until you’re here. — Love, Carlie

Dear Santa, How are you Santa? I’ve been wondering about how you make the toys and stuff? Than you for the paper dollhouse, I really enjoy it. How are your elves and your wife? I hope they’re fine. I wish I had a DS for Christmas! One more thing, how old are you? — Sincerely, Sidney.

Dear Santa, Thank you for the toys you give everyone. How fast can you ride in your sleigh? Do you arrive early or late? You are a very good man. Do you make a lot of gifts like wooden toys or electric toys? — Love, Ethan

Dear Santa, This Christmas will be the best. Santa can I please have a password journal? And I hope you are having a good time in the North Pole. How are you and your elves in the North Pole? I hope you have a good sleigh ride back to the North Pole. Hope you and Mrs. Claus are doing good. — Sincerely, Cheyenne

Dear Santa, If I could see you I would be so happy. It will be a dream come true. I would want to take a picture with you. It will be cool if you made it snow on Christmas day. And also if you took me to the North Pole. And I will want to see your reindeer. And I would want a ride on your sled. — Love, Jesus

Dear Santa, Will you please give me Bopit and that is all I would like for Christmas. I want to tell I am going to be in the light parade because I am in Girl Scouts. In the light parade I am going to dress up as a cute, little present in a box and a bow and a bow in my hair. It will be very fun for the girls in my family and the boys because they will be watching. — Love, Jaelyn

Dear Santa, Thank you for the clothes that you gave me last time. How do you give everybody presents in one night? Thank you for all the presents that you have given me. Do you know every kid’s name? What are your reindeer’s names? How old are you and Mrs. Claus? What is Mrs. Claus’s first name? How many elves do you have? How many hours does it take to give kids presents? Can you please give me a math game for my Nintendo DS? — Love, Jasmin

Mrs. Ryden’s Second-Grade Class, Julia Randall Elementary

Dear Santa, What do you do during the year? Are you making presents? Are you sleeping? How do you get down the small chimneys? What kind of cookies do you like? Do you like the raisin cookies or do you like the chocolate chip kind? Which is your best reindeer? I think I should get presents because I get straight A’s on my report card and I am really good at math and I have never changed my card. I would like a PS3 and a DSI for Christmas. Have a happy Christmas. — Love, Jordan

Dear Santa, I have been wondering how you go down the chimney because I don’t hear you go down? I also wonder what kind of reindeer you like because I like Rudolph? I was just wondering what kind of Christmas tree you like. I like trees that are real. For Christmas I want a puppy. A poodle that doesn’t grow or you can bring me a doll house too. What kind of cookies do you like? I like cookies with springles.— Love, Vanessa

Dear Santa, I was wondering what was your favorite kind of cookies. I want to give you your favorite kind of cookies because you are very special. Also I want to know how you slide down a chimney because some people don’t have chimney’s. or do you just go through the door? And another thing I wanted to know is how do you make the reindeer fly? Are they a special kind of reindeer? I wanted to know because it is really interesting how they fly. There are two things I want to tell you. The first thing I want to tell you is how I behave. I’ve never have to turned my card. And I’ve been getting A’s and B’s. And the last thing is what I want for Christmas. I want a real guitar. Then I want a game called Piranha attack, please. Have a nice Christmas. — Write soon, Elena

Dear Santa, Do you know that I love Fancy Nancy books? They are fabulous and very fancy. I like to be fancy too. Can I have some Fancy Nancy books please? Also I have Sophie and Katie from the Live Barbies. I would love Danyela and Alexis. I have a book called the Friendship heart. On the back of toys that I can collect. Anyway I think I’ve been a good girl to my teacher and my family. What kind of cookies would you like? How does the sleigh and reindeer fly? Merry Christmas Santa. Don’t work too hard. — Love, Kaitlyn

Dear Santa, Are you excited about Christmas this year? We are going to celebrate Christmas at my Aunt’s house to see all of my family. We will eat stuffed turkey, cranberry sauce, choclate cookies and Christmas pudding. I will bake chocolat chip cookies for you and pour some milk too. Santa I hope that I get a really nice present. I wish for a goldfish. I hope you don’t work too hard. I can’t wait! — Love, Amaya

Dear Santa, I know that you’re so real and sweet. Your elves make toys to make kids happy. Do you deliver all those toys or do you have help? Next, I have been a good boy. I’ve been responsible and safe. I eat my vegetables. Could you bring me a hamster? My hamster died in his sleep. I want an Xbox that works. And my own scooter. That should be it. Have a safe Christmas Eve. I Love you very much. — Love, Adam

Dear Santa, How are you? How are the reindeers? Are any of the reindeer sick? Do you have magic? Are you old? How many Elves are in your workshop? I hope you like homemade cookies that have sprinkles on them. Do you drink hot coca before you go and deliver toys? I hope you can get something for my sister. She is good. My Mom and Dad have been good also. They all deserve a present for Christmas Eve. My sister can have a doll. She also can have a toy puppy. My Mom can have a Car. She can also have shoes. My Dad can have more socks. He also can have a phone. I will have a DSI and a I. Pod. Can you get all of that please? I have been good enough. I am glad you are on earth. — Love, Dakota

Dear Santa, Who is your favorite reindeer? My favorite reindeer is Dasher. He is the first reindeer you call to. I love horses and Tayler Swift. I have three horses and a Tayler Swift CD. I listen to my CD every night. How do you know which house to go to on Christmas Eve. This is my Christmas list. 1. Nintento DSI 2. I Pod. 3.PSP 4.Dirt bike. 5. Live Doll. I’ll be happy with those. Have a nice Christmas. — Love Emily

Mrs. Hoff’s Second-Grade Class, Payson Elementary School

Dear Santa, How are you doing? What are you doing? Thank you For the candy Last year and the trapolean and the mirror. Do you have a elfe named Poly? Do you have a elfe named James I have been really good. I know becaues I did’t get grounded at all. I wanta Fake Moder siKle. I want a necklise for my mom. I want a hammer For My DaD. your friend, Lilli

Dear Santa, For this Christmas I want a Cowboys jurse with the number 18 on the back. I want my brother to have his own wildcats jurse and I want my little sister to have a toy dog. Santa how do you carry all those gifts in your sled? What town do you go to first? Your friend, Trevor

Dear Santa, You are very nice. Thank you for the dollhouse. Is it true that you have eight reindeers? Is there tons of toys in your sack? I think I’ve been nice because I help my family. May I please have a puppy and makeup? My third one is a clock. And can my mother have a new chapter book. — Your friend, McKennah

Dear Santa, Thank you for coming every year. Thank you Santa for the quad. What do you do up There? What is your color of youer sled? I thinck I been good? I want for Christmas is a Lego powerminder. Six tickets to Lego Lana. — Your friend, Blair

Dear Santa, Where are you Santa, living in a cold wether. Here are you Santa thank you for a basket ball and some ice skates. What cookies do you like Santa/ Im vere nice. I hug my mom. Santa please get me a drte bike it is orange and Blue with a bears sign. Santa please get my brother the same bike and same color and a different sign a Broncos sign. Your friend Kolten

Dear Santa, Could you bring me a ninti ndos and a gametby for Christmas. Thank you for bringing me the spy gear Last Christmas. Chat is your favorite food? Where is the northpole? Could you bring my mom a wii. I’ve ben nice for this year. Do you like the north pole? — Your friend, Adam

Dear Santa, Hi Santa hos are you Doing? Thank you for the Doll you got me Last year. Santa What cookes do you Like? I been nice Santa. I am nice to my Mom and dad and my sister and brother because Ive know I been nice. I want close and a bike I want the bike To be Pink. Santa Will you get stuff for my mom and dad and my sister and brothers too. Mom a Laptop, DaD Tools, Sister Close Too, my brothers little army man. — Your friend, Hailey

Dear Santa, How are you Santa? Thank you Santa for the scooter Santa Do you like the kookeis/ Santa how do you Get all the Presents in one night? I’ve been nice santa because I be nice to my couison. Santa for chrismas I want a iPod and a Trampolene and a puppy. Bring my mom abrand new car. — Your Friend, Joshua

Dear Santa, I Love that every year you give me one of the things I want. How are you/ Thank you Santa I loved the girl teck thank you. How do you bring every one a present in one night? I’ve been jaughty but I am toying to be good. For Christmas I would like to have a quarter collecting book weelers and Hanah Montana bike. Pelase bring my mom a nekles. Bring my dad a working hat. — Your friend, Layla

Dear Santa, How are you doing at the north pole? How is Mrs. Claus doing? Thank you for the cd player and cd, dall house, and dalls. How are your reindeer doing? What do your reindeer eat? I have been naughty but I have tried to be good. I want a D.S.I want a phone whith a phone card. I want my own bed room. My sister Destiny whants a D.S.to. — Your friend, Lacey

Mrs. Sandoval’s Second-Grade Class, Payson Elementary School

Dear Santa, Hello! How are you and Mrs. Claus doing? I hope the reindeer are ok. I have been very helpful girl this year. I have been a good girl this year. I help my baby Sister. I help my big sister. I hope I get a wenkin for Christmas. I hope I get a baby brother for Christmas I miss my baby brother. I want a puppy for Christmas please. Thank you for thinking of me. Love, Kara

Dear Santa, Hello! How are you and the others/ Is making toys fur? I’ve been a very good boy. Oh and Merry Christmas! First can I have phone? Second can you get me an Ipod? Last can I please have a beebee gun? — Love, Joshua

Dear Santa, How do you do? I hope you and Mrs. Claus are doing well. I am is second grades. Please may I have a Ds, a strawberry shortcake doll, a big Barbie house? One more thing Santa. Say hi to Blitzen for me. I will put out a carrot for Rudolph and cookies for you. Thank you for thinking of me. — your friend, Mackenzie

Dear Santa, Hello! How are you and Mrs. Claus doing? Is it snowing up there really hard? Tell the elves I love them and you. Where are all your reindeer. I love all of your elves, and reindeer and you. Christmas is really important to us. Thank you for thinking of me. Merry Christmas to you Mrs. Claus! I want a doll for Christmas and a play cat like on TV. I’d also like one more thing and that is a new bike. — Love Jaeden

Dear Santa, Hello! How are you and Mrs. Claus doing? In music we’re singing a song about your reindeer. I have been a good girl this year, by Listening to my grandma I even got straight A’s. I never got my name on the board. What I would like for Christmas is…a new butterfly bike, a Wii, and a digital camera for my grandma. Merry Christmas! Thank you for thinking of me. — With Love, Gloria

Dear Santa, I have been a good boy this year. I helped my parents. Please tell Rudolph and Mrs. Claus I said hi. I want an ipod, all fo the bakugon, Acamra, 500 dollors, ten real reindeer, a jar full of pickles, heelies, a brother, and a puppy. Pleaseplease. Thank you for thinking of me. — Your friend, D.J.

Dear Santa, Hi! How are you and your reindeer doing? I hope All of your elves are doing well too. Say hi to Rudolph for me. I am eight years old and in second grade. I want three things for Chistmas. A horse, a puppy, and a bunny. I’ve been A good girl — Your Friend, Faith M.

Dear Santa, I will start out by telling you how good iv’e been. I help my friends at school. I also go on the floor and pick up trash. I get good grades. And I have a loving teacher. Now for my presents. May I have a Barbie? I would also like by dog Doose back. Well I don’t know where be is You’re the best present giver. — Your friend, Jasmin

Dear Santa, I’ve been good boy. Can you make me a dirt bike? Can you get me a puppy and 30 bags of candy? I would like an Ipod and a bunch of toys? Merry Christmas. — Love Kody

Mrs. Thomason’s Second-Grade Class, Payson Elementary School

Dear Santa, How are your elves doing? Thank you for bringing me a scttooer Last year. How is Rudolph doing? How is Blitzen doing? How is Doner doing? I have been nice because I donated food to the needy. I would like a pocket rocket a sonic toy, and a Gx skateboard. Would you please bring my dad a model camaro? — Love Corey

Dear Santa, How are you Santa? Am I on the naughty List or the good List? Thank you Santa for getting me a scooter. Are you realy cold where you Live? How is Rudolph doing? I have been nice because when you are mean you don’t have any friends. I would Like a bike, a rip stick, and a pogostick. Would you bring my brother a pogostick? — Love Aidan

Dear Santa, Do you like to eat cookies? Do you like to drink milk on Christmas? Thank you for bringing me the bird last Christmas. Is it snowing at your house? Are your elves making toys? I have been nice this year because I always go to school. I would like to have a puppy this year. I would also like to have a white board to draw. would you please bring my sister a Barbie. — Your frind, Eunice

Dear Santa, What have you been doing? Are you getting reay for Christmas? Thank you for bringing me an easel last year. How is Rudolph, Cupid, and Vixen doing? I have been nice this year because I helped put up Christmas decorations with Mrs. White. This year I would like to have a new bike. Please bring my sister Lurin a black and brown Kathy purse. — Love Hailey

Dear Santa, How old are you? I really Like you because you bring us presents. Thank you for bringing me my stuffed animal turtle Las year. Where do you Live? Did you capture your reindeer? I have been nice this year because I have been sharing. This year I would Like hiking poles and some Ranger Ricks. Would you please bring my brother a real nice knife? — Sincerely, Brandon

Dear Santa, How many reindeer do you have? Am I on the naughty List? Thank you for bringing me a fourwheeler. Is Mrs.Clause fat like you? I have been nice this year because I always Listen to my mom. Can I please have a tetherball, a bike, and a new pelletgun? Will you bring my brother a paintballgun? — Sincerely, Micah

Dear Santa, Have you been eating lots of cookies? I miss you. Thank you for bringing me a bike Last year. How is Mrs. Clause? Are you coming to my house? I have been nice this year because I did not get any spankings. can you please please get me new square toed boots? would you please bring my dad new boots? — Love Tymell Threse

Dear Santa, How are youdoing at the workshop? Is it going well? Are you happy? Thank you for bringing me a purse and a partyshop last year. Are you and your wife doing good? Is blitzen you favorite? I have been nice this year because I have been responsible at school. I would like a purse with a box of mints, a panda, anda Nintendo DS This year. Please bring my Mom something special. — Love Aleja


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