Hopefully ‘Come And Go’ Is Here To Stay

This cart outfitted with a big Santa won first place in Christopher Creek’s golf cart light parade.

This cart outfitted with a big Santa won first place in Christopher Creek’s golf cart light parade.


Hello again, fellow Creekers.

With Christmas over, Santa’s (aka Rod’s) workshop closed, and the pressure off, it was high time to relax, kick back and party a bit. So, it was off to Irma and Alex Armenta’s Saturday-After Come and Go Party. I got there “fashionably late” and parking was certainly at a premium. Despite the chill, the socializing was both inside and out. Outside were those who still have the habit and I do believe the storytellin’ was better out next to the propane heaters. Inside, heavens, folks were wall to wall, college football was being ignored and the libations were abundant ... and the FOOD. Irma did all the cooking and the entirety of the counterspace in that large u-shape kitchen was full of warmers and crocks and pots of tamales and pork and beef and pozole and tortillas and this rice and that rice and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Everything one could imagine and all the fixin’s. Wow, what a job, Irma! All in all, I’d guess, there were 30 or so in attendance, including the two partying daughters, Wayne and Carol, the O’neils, the Olsens, Johnny and Marcia, Paula, Sonni, Bob, the Schmidts, Anita and her folks from Indiana, Curtis and Ross, Ronco and Rhonda, Bud Light John and Kathy, and maybe a dozen I missed, and ol’ Chicken Nuggets, of course. It was, indeed, a fine party and there seemed to be a consensus that it should be an annual affair.

We’ve had a bunch of new snow and some friendly visitors that the snow brings. Many people are out ice fishing on the lakes. The hill at the Palaeo turn off was busy on Saturday for sledders. This is just before Tonto Creek and usually not quite enough snow there for all that fun. All this winter water is great for the watershed and the aquifer. Water is of course precious and should be conserved. How many gallons a day do you use? Check your bill divide it by 30 and you will get your total. Payson is pretty good at conserving and is around 45 gpd.

We’re famous! I don’t know how many people saw it, but on Dec. 22, Christopher Creek was highlighted on Channel 12 News with a half dozen really neat winter photos we sent in. Then the next day on the 23rd, Channel 3 News did a huge presentation on Christopher Creek. It started out over at the Tall Pines Market and ended at Christopher Creek Lodge where they interviewed some great guests that were making a snowman. Many people were on TV from here including Glori Olsson and Diego Dominick. How fun and what a great job everyone did representing Christopher Creek.

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Thanks again for reading the column.


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