California’S Problems Created By Environmental Laws



It seems to me that a couple of years ago or less, I sent a letter to the editor concerning a reply to a request from the state of (enviro/wackos) of California.

California requested from the state of Arizona that they be permitted to construct a huge extension cord from Arizona power plants into their electrical power systems grid in Palm Springs, as they could not produce sufficient power within their own state. Fortunately, the Arizona Corporation Commission refused their stupid request, as should be.

Since then they have made a second request to feds for relief. I don’t know where this stands at the present time.

At that time I stated in my letter to the editor that this problem lies with California, as over the last few years, they have boxed themselves into a corner of their own doing by enacting all sorts of stupid environmental laws and restrictions which prevented them from increasing their own power within their own state, they have all sorts of their own resources.

California’s governor has just requested a huge bailout (pay back) funds in the billions and billions of dollars, and a special request and from feds to lift or put aside some of these enviro/wacko laws in order to receive some of Obama’s stimulus (pay back) funds to proceed with the repair of infrastructure in the Hollywood area.

California has indebted itself with huge debts because of socialist ways and going overboard with these enviro/wacko laws and regulations.

Nancy Pelosi and comrade Bev Boxer have stated that California is the nation’s leader for other states to follow. It appears that our new federal government has taken them up on this. There’s a lesson here, apparently it has fallen on deaf ears.

California has spent billions and billions of dollars just on support of illegal immigrants.

Ed Welge

P.S. I expect Obama to grant California’s request to steal our power much to our dismay.


Tim Barrett 7 years, 11 months ago

From one who worked as a News Director for KDHI/KQYN in 29 Palms California back in the early 80's, I can tell you that Mr. Welge is right on target with his comments. Just wait until you have to get rid of your 2-cycle outboard engine because of California air/water quality mandates that will become federal law sooner than you think! Just think of how many 2-cycle motors there are hanging off transoms in boat licensed in AZ!


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