Fish Will Not Survive Drive For Bass Tournament Weigh-In



I’ve heard that the weigh-in for the April FLW bass tournament at Roosevelt Lake is to be held at the Walmart parking lot in Payson.

If this is true, lots of bass will die since they’ll never survive the two-hour-long vehicle rides with elevation changes of some 3,000 feet.

Spending additional time in a hot parking lot won’t help much, either.

Surely the FLW people must have overlooked this situation.

Our Roosevelt fishery is a very valuable area resource and should be treated with the respect it deserves. Let’s have that weigh-in at lakeside and get those bass back in the water ASAP.

Chip Steele


Pat Randall 7 years, 11 months ago

I don't think there has been enough thought or knowledge about fishing tournaments taken into account for this FLW tournament. They are a corporation in another state but refused to incorporate in Ariz which is breaking the law. Wonder why the town is getting let them go ahead?


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