Manzanita Has Deteriorated Into A Life-Threatening Thoroughfare



For over 25 years Manzanita has been on a waiting list for major repairs. Longer than any other well-used corridor in town. Now that we are in an economic downturn it will get even worse!

The methodologies that have been used through the years to avoid fixing this road are far more than disgraceful for a growing town.

Decent roads are necessary so the residents can have safe access ways to the shopping centers.

There have been some opportunities to remedy this situation, but the town has failed to take advantage of them.

A developer was recently found that was to be responsible for upgrading the area, but they fell on hard times so their project has been delayed. They are reported to be a very wealthy corporation, but have halted all construction.

In addition to this, the town recently granted them a several year extension of their water credits and basically got nothing in return.

So this street has deteriorated into a life-threatening thoroughfare. Will a loss of life create some type of action or will the low priority for roads continue?

Jack Jasper


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