Stretch Of Highway Adopted In Memory Of Son



We have adopted a section of Highway 260 in memory of my son, Billy. As you may know, the highway must be cleaned twice a year to retain the sign.

I will decorate his sign on special occasions because it is one of the only things I can do in his memory that helps me deal with the loss.

Tuesday, we placed a red heart valentine on his sign and someone has taken it. I cannot understand this. How could someone be so heartless? That person has probably never lost a child and doesn’t know the horrible nightmare it is. You see, Billy was my valentine and I just wanted to do something to remember and maybe ease the pain of losing him.

When we are out there on the highway picking up all the trash that people throw out the window, we always feel good about keeping our road clean. We feel that Billy would be proud that we do this in his memory.

When someone dies, all you have left are memories and sometimes, that’s just not enough! So, people like me, look for ways to heal the hurt, to have something good come from a bad situation.

Sometimes I call Rockin’ Ron at KMOG to play a song in Billy’s memory, maybe on his birthday or maybe on the day he died. Usually it’s “If Tomorrow Never Comes” by Garth Brooks. Once he played “Cowboy Bill” for me because when Billy died he was learning that on his guitar before he went to L.A. for his heart transplant.

You see, every ADOT sign on the highway has a story. Now you know mine. 

Dara Sutton


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