Christopher Creek Became A Winter Wonderland



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During the recent storm, Christopher Creek got more than 2 feet of snow.

Christopher Creek got more than 2 feet of snow from Monday through Tuesday afternoon.

The power was out almost all day Sunday and then again Tuesday. It feels like we live in another world when it snows like that. I kept calling around too see if everyone was OK. Tuesday morning no one was moving except my husband on his Bobcat trying to push all that snow. The main road was closed due to jackknifed trucks.

I kept thinking what would happen if we had an emergency? How would they get here? When all you see for miles is white snow, it’s scary, but it is great for picture taking.

Saturday was a sad day for the residents of Christopher Creek. At 11 there was a memorial service for Candy Hart at the Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Church. Pastor Ed Hepworth opened in prayer to a chapel full of people. Danette Anderson of Tonto Village did a wonderful job putting this memorial service together. It was a wonderful tribute to Candy.

Although she did say Candy told her exactly what she wanted said right down to the music.

Speakers were Larry and Patty Boeschling and Rod Britain. Karen Thornton wrote a wonderful letter that was read, and Olive Matus gave a sweet closing prayer to one of her girls. Weeks before Candy passed, she let us know that the angels were with her. She was seeing Power Webb, Shelly Hanson and Heber White.

They were around to make it easier for her. She so believed in angels. Now she is an angel and watching over all of us.

After Candy’s memorial, everyone headed up to Creekside for a little lunch. Then at 1 p.m. we all headed down to the CI Ranch for the memorial service for Skip Ashby.

It was a nice service with relatives speaking about when Skip would take them fishing and hunting and the funny stories they had. Friends spoke of Skip and how if he liked you, you were his friend.

It was outside and the wind was picking up pretty good and all I could think about were the angels were moving around pretty good. It was a long day and a lot of tears and memories to last a long time.

Donez Hunter will be celebrating another birthday on Feb. 13, as will Marlene Hagen of C- Canyon.

Betty Lusson will be adding another candle to her cake Feb. 17, and Don Pennington will have his birthday on Feb. 21. Dale Hansen will have another birthday on Feb. 24 and Judy Bradly will be celebrating on Feb. 25.

Wishing all of you a happy birthday!


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