Residents Want To Own, Operate Water Company



In the Jan. 9, edition of the Roundup, you have quoted Bob Hardcastle asking “Do local residents want to assume the substantial risk of owning and operating a water company?” In response to his question, our answer is, “Yes, the sooner the better because it is a far greater risk to continue under the management of Brooke Utilities and Bob Hardcastle.”

(Signed) Ellen Greer, Alissa Herning, Jill Alberts, Mary Mastroianni, Cheryl Haskell, Loren Peterson, Cliff McCrum, Wilma Young, Howard Young, Frank Allen, Sharon Allen, Maureen Walsh, Ginger Jeffers, Sharon Timmer, Frances Oestmann, Dale Oestmann, David A. Keegan, Debora Cottrell, Mark J. Fumusa, J. S. Myers, James M. Taylor, Marie Eloise, Arthur H. Simmons Sr., Joyce Colaw, D. A. Colaw, Don Smith, Susan Frank, Mary Myers, Rosemary Harmon, Ann Behn, Lynn C. Gardner, Deborah Tamietti, Renay Janisch, Corinne Barr Richman, Lorna Hill, Mark Gardner, Sharon Balentini, Cindy Hill, Ray Pugel, Julie Pugel, Bruce Brammer, Linda Brammer, Jim Hill, Sioux Hill, Julie R. Eckman, David Prechtel, Dennis Abell, Rebecca Richins, Carol Watts, Kenneth Mitcheel, Jane L. Wilcox, Charles G. Casey, Janet Elquest, Reggie Herning, Steve Hena, Sandra Human, Betty Cocknell, Mike Sibley, Anthony Grandand, Steve Lamere, David Brewer, Carl Norris, John Nelson, Bud Bownewell, Mike Davidson, Jeremy Lee, Samnella Seblsey, Betty Broos, Arnold Broos, Cindy Maaek, Darwin Meredith, Frank Folbs, Diane Enos, Marti Heinert, Pete Licavoli, Michelle Duakie, Dave Richter, Henry Apfel,

Mike Roggenstein, Joseph Putman, Pat Lunsfford, James Walker, Alanna Wright, Larry Field, Steve Lamere, Vivian Seville, Eugina Suffriti, Amy Walker, Helen Johnson, Angel Teller, Robert Franklin, Rick Franklin, James Drab, Kathy Butterfield, Randy Sabid, George Hanson, Kent Wedlake, Suzi Wild, Paul Willsher, Cheryl Holland, Jamie Kabyna, B. Colb, Diane Lind, William Christian, Dandye Gier, Walt Smith, David Fohr, John Elliott, Peter Sills, Dorothy Horton, Gary Altman, John Spinck, Susan Spinck, Christine Telzloff, Fred Krafczyk, Raylene Krafezyk, Paul Paul, Rosemary Paul, Richard Mathis, Mada Easley, Sally Niblock, Jeff Niblock, Herb Grau, Mike Blaus, Joan Backman, Steve Backman, Kathryn Petersen, Dean Petersen, David Bonewell, Edward Miller, Richard Mosley and Frank Barbara.


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