Pswid Needs To Consider The Questions Being Asked



Mr. Haney (Chair, PSWID) and Mr. Jackson (CEO, refer to the “inflammatory language, name-calling, blatantly false and baseless allegations” which they claim Mr. Schwalm directed at the recent Economists. com analysis and report for purchasing the two water companies of Pine and Strawberry (Payson Roundup, Feb. 17). As a full-time resident tax/rate payer of this district who reads all of the news reports related to this subject, and was involved as a member of the former board, I must say that Haney and Jackson have it turned around. They are the ones directing inflamed name-calling and accusations against Mr. Schwalm.

If Schwalm were on the board, his concerns and questions would have been answered, resulting in a purchase valuation report of greater accuracy and clarity. But rather than meeting with Schwalm to discuss his concerns, he was ignored and now scorned by the board.

Initially, Jackson did converse with Schwalm, and listened to his suggestions. But then the pro tem manager of the future water company, Harry Jones, told board members not to discuss the matter with Schwalm again.

Haney talks about Schwalm’s “unfounded accusations wasting the time and resources of the water district.” Haney, and especially Harry Jones, know a lot about wasting the water district’s time. There is a relation between the two; in fact, Haney would probably not be on the board if Jones had not encouraged him to join.

Over several years, Jones, as a paid Gila County consultant, has influenced many people in the district, including board members, to oppose Mr. Hardcastle and his water companies. I consider this influence as one of the primary reasons why the Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District has not developed a reliable water supply.

Yes, Mr. Haney, it is my constitutional right to state the truth, as I know it. The report would have been improved by considering the questions which the Schwalm analysis offered.

Wes Suhr


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