California’S Problems Created By Environmental Laws



California can easily solve all of its problems that have painted (the state) into a corner of its own doing by letting the enviro/wackos and socialists take over the state.

California’s off shores contain billions and billions of big bucks in oil and gas, as well as producing thousands of well-paying jobs. Next they must realize that they need to give up this socialist life of government that they seem to embrace with great joy.

Next they need to recant those stupid enviro laws and regulations which prevents progress. Start by throwing out Comrade Nancy Pelosi’s brainstorm of promoting a dumb idea of saving some stupid little mouse by saving its habitat with some 30 million bucks. This is just one of the many dumb things going on in that enviro/wacko state. They intend to solve their problems by raising taxes a bundle. I can’t feel sorry for that bunch of nuts.

Arizona could easily become like California’s mess if we attempt to follow California’s examples of giving into the enviro/wackos and bleeding heart liberals (socialists, that is). California has spent more on supporting illegal immigrants than Arizona’s state budget.

Ed Welge

P.S. Some people have asked how can I sleep or live with myself? I sleep very well to those who have asked, thank you.


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