Government Experts At Prescribing Treatment Before Diagnosis



He is a fool who prescribes treatment before diagnosis. He is demonstrating a value of “comfort” over “cure.”

Our government has developed with expertise the practice of treatment without diagnosis. Either they are incapable of diagnosis or they refuse to acknowledge their disease. The “economic crises” we face is not the disease; it is clearly a symptom of it. Why is it that our leaders can’t or won’t see this? The “crises” will never be cured by the treating of symptoms.

The disease is obvious, but is either ignored or denied. The disease is “greed.” Greed on the part of government, greed on the part of the financial world, greed on the part of industry, greed on the part of labor, greed on the part of the consumer, greed on the part of the rich and powerful, greed on the part of the “middle” man, greed on the part of the poor. It is impossible for the government to print enough money to satisfy their greed and ours.

The “crises” in our nation is not economic. The “crises: in our country and in our life is moral depravity that desires self-gratification above all else. We are willing to sell our soul for economic comfort which will never cure the disease but only stimulate an addiction that is unquenchable.

The lust for immediate comfort is only the symptom of the disease that our government refuses to identify or acknowledge. The love of money is not the root of all evil; it has become the god that we worship.

Scripture is clear, “You cannot serve god and money.” See the countless cups the needy hands have raised since the printing of money began. Beware, that our desire for a full cup that the government wants to fill does not distract us from the shackles they are putting on our feet. Let us be sure we know the diagnosis before we drink from the cup. Comfort can delay the cure.

Eugene Hovda


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