Left-Wing Media Doesn’T Ask About President’S Flagrant Expenditures



All the left wing media people made a great deal of adverse comments when the CEOs of GM and Chrysler used their company Gulfstream to fly to Washington, D.C. to seek bailout funds and I think that they were justified in doing so.

What I cannot understand is why aren’t they now adversely commenting on the recent travels of our new president? He hadn’t been in office a month and already made four in-country flights and one to Canada. This was at terrific expense to us taxpayers. Just think of it; one 747 (fully equipped with all kinds of electronic and defensive paraphernalia), two C5As (transports for the presidential limousines and other security vehicles and material probably a helicopter, too), and a full complement of well-trained and equipped security personnel most of whom would have been sent ahead at least a week in advance.

I would estimate that for each stop the 747 expense would be around $500,000. The estimate for each stop would be close to $1.5 million. About $7.5 million dollars for the five stops!

All these in-country trips could have been handled by the TV networks broadcasting from the confines of the White House.

The trip to Canada could and should have been made by the secretary of state and using U.S. commercial-type flights.

So, why aren’t our media TV commentators asking for an explanation for this type of flagrant expense when our country is in such dour financial turmoil?

Our politicians have completely lost track of why our country was the greatest and they seem to have no guilt of what they have done. They want their government to pay all their expenses just for being alive. I guess I must be getting old.

C.W. Smith


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