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As the days get warmer, we begin to look forward to spring. But here, at the Humane Society of Central Arizona, we know what spring is going to bring — babies, babies and more babies.

The good news is, we are breaking ground very soon for our new facility. In the new shelter, there will plenty of room for all the babies that spring will bring. Unfortunately, we will meet this coming spring here at the little old worn out facility, which has been home to us and the unwanted animals of Rim Country for many years.

We have already begun to receive the litters of unwanted puppies. We have hound mixes and shepherd-lab mixes and husky mixes and, of course, the never-ending supply of pit mixes. They are darling. We love puppies. And the many litters of kittens are not far behind. But what we can’t lose sight of are the adults.

Several of the adults who live here have been here for a long time. Cats as well as dogs. Most hold up very well, thanks to a dedicated staff and group of volunteers. But once in a while, we begin to notice someone melting down. One of the first signs is they start to lose weight. Next they will begin to start acquiring unusual habits such as compulsive licking, or circling in their kennels. Cats will often just find a hiding spot, stop grooming and slowly but surely begin to grieve themselves to death.

At these times, we will do everything we can think of to try and break this cycle of sadness. We give extra attention like longer walks or try to move them to a place where they can get some sunshine. With the cats, we will wash them with a warm cloth or brush their hair to try to encourage them to begin caring enough to groom themselves.

Currently we have two residents who are suffering from this kind of depression — one cat and one dog. The dog is Tex. The cat is Bullet. They are struggling and we are doing everything we can to save them. But what they really need is a loving and forever home, just like all of the animals here.

If you would like to join our team of volunteers who help so much in making life possible for our residents, please come and see us. There is something you can do. Anything from hands-on love and attention for the animals to helping us clean and maintain this old place until we get to move into our new home.

For more information on how you can help this very important cause, come and see us at 812 S. McLane Road or give a call to (928) 474-5590, or you can see our many wonderful animals at or


Tex is a 1-1/2-year-old Mastiff mix. He is neutered and current on his shots. He was adopted and returned due to the health of his previous owners. He is very playful and gets along well with other dogs. He will need some training to learn basic commands and how to walk well on a leash. This youngster needs an active family to be a part of. Please come meet him and discover his charming personality. He’s waiting to become the newest addition to your family.


This handsome, blue-eyed guy is 1-1/2 years old. He was turned over by his owner because she couldn’t properly care for him. He is affectionate and easy going. He gets along with everyone and is an all-around good guy Bullet is neutered, up to date with routine shots and he is litterbox trained.


Buttercup is a 4-year-old spayed Husky/Shepherd mix. She was brought in as a stray and, to our surprise, neverreclaimed. She is well mannered and very talkative. She gets along great with the other dogs, and acts like a true lady. She is leash trained and housebroken and will make the perfect family dog.


Jackson was an owner turnover who originally came from us, when he was a kitten. He has passed all the tests we run on cats, including feline aids and leukemia, and chlamydia, calici, herpes, etc. He is current on all his shots. He will do best as an only cat that can lounge around and be loved on.


There must be someone out there who can provide a loving, safe home for Bruno. Please come forward soon, he is almost out of time! Bruno is a 3-year-old neutered brindle Pit Bull. His short coat is soft and clean looking and he has an adorable, expressive face. He is an active dog, definitely not a couch potato. Bruno is a real people pleaser. He is a happy, good natured dog who would be a good companion for an active person. Bruno walks well on a gentle leader harness. He is very smart and learns quickly. Bruno has been introduced to some of the dogs at the shelter and does well. If you are interested in Bruno, we encourage you to bring your dog in to meet him. Bruno will require a home visit by shelter staff prior to his adoption.


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