No Lights, And The Pipes Were Frozen



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Christmas in Yuma

It is wonderful to be back in the village after spending a week in Yuma. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being with my family for the holidays, but it was very hectic.

Besides kids being overly excited, doggies also did their share every time the doorbell rang. Our son Bill, and his wife Shari, were wonderful hosts, and our grandson Christian had to give up his room. We appreciate their hospitality.

I am adding a photo which was made across the street from our son’s home that typifies how Yuma decorates for the holidays.

Every trailer park in the area went out of their way to add Christmas lights and decorations to the max! It seemed as though each park tried to outdo the other, and believe me, there are literally dozens of parks in Yuma and the surrounding area. One of the most unusual sights was the migrant buses that transports the field workers. They decorate the buses with all kinds of Christmas balls and tinsel. One bus even had antlers and a big red nose on the front of the bus.

The fun did not stop when we reached the village. We were greeted with no electricity and the hot water pipes frozen. Our neighbor told us that the electricity had been out since the night before, and was expected to be back on very soon.

Well, it turned out that by evening, I had to break out the candles. The lights finally came back on by nine o’clock. The water pipes however, didn’t not thaw out until mid-morning the next day. Nothing could have taken away our enthusiasm for being home.

Hellsgate Fire Department

The village was relatively quiet for the holidays. Hellsgate Fire Department, Tonto Village station #22 was called out twice. One call was from the Diamond Point area with a person who fell and broke a femur. The next call was in the village with a person with unknown medical problems. All in all, the village was quiet.

Special meeting called

The Hellsgate Fire Board has called for a special meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 7 for the purpose of approval of the Bear Flat annexation into Hellsgate Fire Department.

Also on the agenda will be the proposed annexation of the Zane Grey Meadows subdivision to be in the fire district. The meeting will be held at station #22 in Tonto Village beginning at 5:30 pm. All residents of both areas are urged to attend this very important meeting.

The next regular Hellsgate Fire Board meeting will be at 5:30 p.m., Jan. 14 at station #21 in Star Valley. I have not received word yet what will be on the agenda. I will have more information in my next column.

Tonto Village Domestic Water District

The next regular meeting of the water board will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 6 at the fire station in Tonto Village beginning at 6:30 p.m. This meeting should be a short one with appointments being discussed for new board members. Be sure to attend.

Double D happenings

By the time you read this column, New Year’s Eve will be over along with New Year’s Day dinners. But the Double D had a New Year’s Eve party with karaoke being the highlight of the evening. Emcees were Buck Shill and Jeff Shaw. There will be more on this event in my next column.

Pool results

The only pool game in town was the nine-ball tournament played by the ladies from Christopher Creek and Tonto Village on Tuesday evening. The winners were Judy Tolle from Christopher Creek, Sue Prach and Ethel Cain from the village.


Mikey Marazza, the columnist from Christopher Creek starts the new year off with a birthday on Jan. 1, along with yours truly. Happy birthday, Mikey! “Stu” Stewart on Tonto Village I celebrates his big day on Jan. 3. Have a great day, Stu!


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