Help In Crisis Appreciated



On behalf of my family I just wanted to thank all of those who were involved in helping us at Cinch Hook, Dec. 30 when my daughter had to be air lifted to the Valley.

Thanks to the gentleman from Texas who is an EMT and held my daughter’s head still until help arrived, and to the other gentleman who also is an EMT from Arizona in assisting him.

My thanks also go to the young lady that helped keep me calm and prayed with me for God to take care of the situation and calm my nerves before I had to drive back to Scottsdale.

More thanks go to the young lady who climbed the mountain to try to get phone reception to call 911. Thanks to the gentleman who also tried to get reception by standing out in the middle of Highway 87.

Special thanks go to Orsen and Trinity Branch who were an EMT and nurse from Payson who carried a radio with them and were able reach the emergency services people, who were able to get a helicopter to take my daughter to the Valley.

God sent me angels that day. What are the chances that so many medical professionals would be on site during this crisis? Our daughter is doing well, no broken bones anywhere, just bumps and bruises that will heal and go away. But what won’t go away is the memory of those who helped us and cared for her, I am eternally grateful from the bottom of my heart.

God bless and thank you.

Deborah Burd, Mesa


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