Win-Win Doesn’T Look Like Winning For Womans Club



For the past 88 years the Payson Womans Club has helped improve life in this community.

Like all nonprofits with today’s economy we are struggling to meet our goals.

Gila County has offered to lease our Main Street Clubhouse, they tell us it will be a win/win deal.

At first I thought, sounds good, however, when taking a closer look I don’t think it is. Gila County’s offer will pay us 50 cents per square foot, or $3,450 per month. We know that’s low, but we’re willing to work with them.

Then comes the first kicker, their lease draft states in part, “Modifications and improvements shall be at the sole discretion of the county. Cost of building modifications shall be deducted from the lease payments. Any major maintenance will be included as building improvements and amortized over the remaining length of the lease and deducted from future lease payments.”

So far they have told us (they refuse to list any improvements or modifications in writing) they will put in WIFI hot spots, a smart board, cubicles and map storage. The Womans Club has no use for these improvements, but we’ll be paying for them for the next five years. In return they will pay all utilities and not remove the historic chaining tree in front.

This is only part of item No. 7 of this lease draft prepared by the county. The county may be struggling, but this is not a win for the Womans Club.

Paying for true building maintenance is our responsibility, but this is a free ride for the county.

Our goal is to help those in need.

This community already supports the county.

Shirley Lose, president

Payson Womans Club


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