Community Needs To Challenge Supervisors On Facility Needs



A mother walked into the grocery store, accompanied by her 3-year-old child. As they walked down the candy aisle, the 3-year-old grabbed two big bags of candy and tried to place them in the shopping cart. The mother took the candy away and returned it to the shelf. The child started screaming, threw himself on the floor and continued kicking and screaming, “I want candy!”

The Gila County Supervisors remind me of that child. We, the voters, defeated the ballot measure to put the new jail and courthouse at the corner of Main Street and the Beeline Highway and the financing which would come from our property taxes. A recent rumor suggests that the supervisors have been trying to purchase property at Main Street and Beeline to sneak the courthouse in that location even though the voters defeated it in a 3-to-1 vote.

A citizens volunteer task force spent countless hours evaluating possible sites for the courthouse and jail and made a detailed report to the supervisors. The proposed budget by the supervisors shows money for the enlargement of the Globe jail and no money to build the Payson jail and courthouse. They seem to be saying that if they can’t have their way and build at Main and Beeline, then Payson will just have to drive to Globe for all legal services. Doesn’t that sound like a vindictive plan? Do we have supervisors who are behaving like the 3-year-old?

Payson needs a new jail and courthouse built on one of the locations proposed by the task force. The supervisors seem to have the budget to build the courthouse and jail, but they are threatening to send all the money to Globe.

We need to challenge the supervisors to take the responsible action and give Payson the facilities it needs at a recommended location and financed responsibly.

Lucy Briggs


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