New Year Is The Time To Get Involved In Community


It is a new year and it is time to get involved with your community.

You can join the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association for only $15 a year. They do a lot of wonderful things for the community.

They have a Santa visit for the kids, An Easter Egg hunt; two clean-ups a year, and a Halloween party for the kids. They light up the highway for the holidays. They clean up the creek once a year and keep you informed on political matters.

They see that roads are grated and plowed. They are also active in the fuel break around the community. If you are not a member, get involved and send in your check to CCHA, HC2 Box 121-P, Payson, AZ 85541.

For that price you cannot go wrong. Members of the Christopher Creek Homeowners Board are: Ron Louch, president; Laura Alvin, vice president; and July Toole, secretary/treasurer.

There are many different ways to help the Christopher/Kohl’s Fire Department and in turn provide valuable assistance to those in need of emergency services.

Everyone can make a difference. You can become a firefighter (structural, wildland and vehicular, an emergency medical technician (EMT) or a paramedic. How about a support member? There is always a need for someone to provide emergency scene lighting, rehabilitation for the tired emergency workers like providing water, food and revitalization. Resource delivery (breathing air bottles, fuel, batteries, etc.)

You could become a member of the “Firebelles,” an organization devoted to fund-raising and financial assistance to the fire department. Contact President Phyllis Agnew at (928) 478-0976. Or become an aware citizen. Know the current fire danger conditions.

Ensure that your property is firewise before the fire season starts. Make sure there is access to your property by fire engines and emergency vehicles.

Identify and rectify problem access. Such as dead ends, low-hanging wiring, lack of turnarounds, hazard trees and narrow roads.

Reduce your water use when fire conditions are extreme. Make sure your address is properly posted and easily visible. Know your emergency numbers that you need to call.

The firefighters, EMTs, paramedics and support personnel are invaluable to this community.

Your help is appreciated and you are invited to help those who help. Call the Christopher/Kohl’s Fire Department and see how you can help this year, (928) 478-4011.


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