County Looks To Lease Space On Main Street


The county is considering three Main Street buildings to unscrunch itself, officials said this week.

The Main Street Grille, the Oxbow and the Womans Club are all possibilities, although Deputy County Manager John Nelson said the latter is, for now, the favorite.

The Womans Club declined to comment.

Payson’s probation offices are “just scrunched and it’s getting worse,” Nelson said. “They’re basically sitting in bunk desks right now.”

Payson’s supervisor headquarters, along with planning and zoning offices, which sit in the same section of the existing complex, could move to the new Main Street location and allow the court system to spread through the whole building.

“What (Supervisor) Tommie (Martin) has basically told me is bring back something that’s best, and best means best for the taxpayer and the community,” Nelson said. “I think we’re probably favoring the Womans Club right now.”

Although no definitive date has been set, Nelson said the county is moving as swiftly as possible.

Rent for the Womans Club, which would run 50 cents per square foot, would cost roughly $3,000 each month. Nelson said the county is looking to spend somewhere between 50 cents to $1 per square foot, and the money would come from the general fund.

Martin said Main Street is an ideal location because the county could help keep traffic in the area. “There’s a lot of traffic on Main Street, but they’re all going home,” she said.

The county wants a five-year lease, and Nelson said what would happen after that hasn’t been determined.


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