Kirkpatrick’S Victory Is Sad Commentary On The Mentality Of The Majority Of Voters



How much does it cost to purchase a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives?

Answer: One million dollars.

Example: Arizona’s First Congressional District.

The Republican candidate has an impeccable record: fights for limited taxes, charter schools, scholarship tax credits and special needs children, the right to life and parental notification for minors’ abortions, scripturally and historically defined marriage, second amendment rights, and industries that bring jobs to Arizona workers, income to Arizona families, taxes to state and local governments, and critical materials like copper to America’s industries; supports control of our southern border and opposes benefits for illegal aliens.

The Democrat candidate has an actual, perfectly Socialist voting record in her role as the Arizona second legislative district representative. This voting record is consistent and the exact opposite of everything for which the Republican candidate stands, whether taxes, firearms rights, illegal aliens, free enterprise, property rights — a seemingly endless list of positions contrary to the best interests of most voters. The Goldwater Institute’s Legislative Report Card, rating legislators on the basis of limited government, the free enterprise system, and the rule of law, gives the Democrat candidate an “F,” with a cumulative score of 32 percent. A list of specific votes in her Arizona legislative career was mailed to voters by Mrs. Hay.

The issues and positions are both crystal clear and meaningless. The Democratic Party knows how the average voter prepares for an election — not by thinking, researching and reading; but by watching television.

All the Democrats had to do was inundate the TV broadcasts with a blizzard of negative ads (one million dollars’ worth) about the Republican candidate, and avoid mentioning anything about the abysmal voting record of the Democrat. They don’t even have to lie, exactly. Where the Republican supports business, free enterprise, and the mining industry, the Demo ads just say the Republican supports polluters. Thus the Republican good becomes a bad, all other positions of the candidates are irrelevant, and Democrat Kirkpatrick wins, Republican Hay loses.

Niccolo Machiavelli was correct: “Most people have eyes and can therefore see. However, few people have the ability to reason. Therefore, appearances are everything.” That is a very sad commentary on the mentality of the majority of voters, and bodes poorly for the future of both our state and our nation.

Terry Putnam



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