One-On-One With Hardcastle Difficult To Handle



OK ... this one-on-one interview is beyond what even I can choke down.

No. 1 — I am a Realtor, and the last thing any of us care about is over-building Pine or Strawberry. Remember when the 200-plus waiting list of vacant lot owners was changed to permit 25 water meters per month? Most of the people on the list were either not ready to build or had no interest, as they were going to resell their property. No building boom occurred, even so, we are not expanding into the forest, (growing), just building on lots already owned for many years within our boundaries. Most sales are simply a new owner for an existing home/cabin.

No. 2 — If Hardcastle was so adamant about not seeking the $300,000, supposedly spending his own money, why is he now fighting so hard to keep the agreement and the money? Most people see through his veil of deceit.

No. 3 — Oh, and his pathetic attempt to discount a report from Coe and Van Loo, an educated, qualified group of men who do this “appraisal business” for a living, is shameful. All the systems in Pine and Strawberry need repairs far beyond what is being done. Age alone would make that a given.

No. 4 — Hardcastle states the national standard for water loss at 15 percent, the Arizona standard at 10 percent, and — surprise-surprise — no quote on Pine Water Companies’ percent of water loss.

No. 5 — The Magnolia Pipeline, that he brags about completing at his own expense, is a device for him to not just send water from Strawberry to Pine, but also pump water from Pine to Strawberry, and then charge Pine residents for hauling charges. In August 2007, Hardcastle managed to charge me $73.32 for hauling charges. This, without my using more water than I had to. If this is what the Arizona Corporation Commission allows him to do to us, why would we want to continue dealing with that group of government bureaucrats?

No. 6 — I’ll stay away from commenting on Sam Schwalm — he seems to know everything already about Hardcastle’s operation. (Wonder why?)

No. 7 — So Hardcastle thinks the Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District isn’t capable of raising the financial backing to form a new water company. While I’m not privy to the funding capabilities surrounding this acquisition, I can’t imagine the time, effort and reputations of everyone involved, that would be wasted on promoting a water company for Pine and Strawberry, unless the success of such a project would be forthcoming.

Ginger Jeffers



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