Pony Express Riders Come To Christopher Creek



Mikey Marazza photo

The Hashknife Pony Express makes its 50th historic ride this year. The riders will stop in Christopher Creek, Wednesday, Jan. 28.

It is that time of year again for the largest, fastest event to hit Christopher Creek — the 50th Annual Hashknife Pony Express ride. These guys are fast, and if you don’t hurry and take your picture, you will miss the exchanging of the mail.

Can you believe it will be 50 years that the Hashknife Pony Express riders have been riding from Holbrook to Scottsdale? That’s a long time and it is still as exciting as ever.

On Wednesday, Jan. 28 the riders will mark their 50th year. Come out to Creekside have lunch and watch as this historic event happens right in front of you.

They will exchange the mail as they have in the past, right in front of Creekside on the old Highway 260. Depending on the weather, the exchange can happen anytime between noon and 3 p.m.

The riders hang out and you can have your picture taken with them. So, regardless of rain, sleet or hail the Hashknife Pony Express will make its 50th historic ride Jan. 28.


I received an e-mail this week from Sam and Caren Seay who were upset after speaking to someone from the Forest Service. They were informed that the project for the firebreak around the community has not been approved and probably will not be until April.

He indicated to them that projects are going on all around us, but that our community seems to be left in the lurch.

They asked what can they do and he said to raise a ruckus. He said that not too many of them from the Forest Service were in favor of our fuelbreak. He said refer all letters to Mr. Nunley.

Gary Anderson, former president of the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association, sent an e-mail to Don Nunley. Gary stated that the residents donated $85,000 to the fuelbreak and that the county donated $50,000, making the total come to more than $135,000 just sitting in an account waiting. For what?

Word was that the break was going to be started last November, now maybe April. Does anyone realize that is fire season? Or does anyone care? What do the residents need to do to get this fuelbreak started? Here’s an idea. Maybe we can hire someone to do it? Just tell us where we can cut, give us the permission and we will get the job done.

If you have any questions for Mr. Nunley, they can be sent to dnunley@fs.fed.us.


Bob Wells will be celebrating another birthday Jan 18. Charles Byrne will be adding another candle to his cake Jan. 20. Duane Rowley, Candy Hart and Kip Mystom all will be adding another candle to their cake Jan. 21. My friend Dan Christian of C-Canyon will be celebrating another birthday Jan. 22. I know that cake is getting crowded, Dan. Wishing all of you a happy birthday!


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