Senior Circle Honors Volunteers



John and Ilona Swenson

It’s always a bonus when couples are able to volunteer together.

John and Ilona Swenson are two such volunteers.

The couple recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with all of their children in attendance.

“We are so lucky to have John and Ilona Swenson join our volunteer family,” said Cory Houghton of Payson Regional Medical Center’s Senior Circle.

The Swensons each have their own unique talents and have brought their talents and ideas to the Circle. They jumped in and helped with our picnic and there has been no stopping them. They graciously volunteered to be in charge of member lunches, which is a huge task, but they have handled them with aplomb.

Ilona works the desk on Wednesday afternoons and if she sees a task that should be done, she just goes ahead and takes care of it. Ilona uses her computer skills to help with our data entry.

John is active in our community as well and is a CERT volunteer.

“We love John’s sense of humor and willingness to help, no matter what is asked of him. If you haven’t had a chance to meet this charming couple, I hope you will make a point of introducing yourselves,” Houghton said.


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