Senseless Breeding Results In Many Homeless Puppies












Sitting here in my warm and comfortable home, surrounded by my warm and comfortable animals, my mind can’t help but turn to the animals at Payson Humane Society.

They are there, with the most that we can provide for them with what we have. The heaters are on, the blankets are down, the beds are fluffed. But there’s no one there to scratch them with their foot as they watch TV or to take them out for the last check of the back yard, or to call them in from their long day of looking for the best sunny spot to lie in.

I have to wonder what they think, as they settle in once again for the long night ahead. Do they remember the life they once lived?

Some, we know, had good homes. Many have come to us this year because of the mortgage crisis — their once-happy home lost for reasons an animal can’t begin to understand.

For some, our little shelter is the best home they’ve ever had. They are well fed, clean and given affection at least during the day. And then there are the puppies and the teenagers. For most of them, life at Payson Humane Society is all they’ve ever known. They have some advantages that many puppies who are born don’t have. They are all well fed, they are vaccinated and they are all spayed and neutered before they leave Payson Humane Society. Not only will they have entered their lives with these advantages, they will never have to bear the burden of the breeding cycle or add to the overwhelming problem of too many unwanted companion animals.

We heard the story today of the birth of one of our puppies, Gia. The people who bred her parents just wanted to see what Pit Bull / Black Labrador cross puppies would look like. So now there are at least 12 examples out there. We only have one from that litter. But we have all of what is left of a litter of 10 Chocolate Lab / Pit Bull cross puppies. And they are precious.

We believe in these babies, and Gia and Cricket and her brothers — we believe in them all. We hope to someday, through awareness programs, education and grants for low-cost spay and neuter surgeries, to bring to an end the senseless, careless births of so many unwanted animals.

But in the meantime, we are here, to take them in and give them what we have — shelter, food, unconditional love, respect and hopefully to help them find a loving, forever home.

If you’d like to meet these precious babies and some of the others who are available for adoption, they will all be at the Pet-a-Palooza this coming Saturday, Jan. 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Safeway, or you can come and see us at 812 S. McLane Road or on the Web at Our phone number is (928) 474-5590.

Thank you to all who have read of our requests and donated blankets, towels, Kuranda beds, stainless steel bowls, food, toys and good beef marrow bones. These needs are never-ending and, for your help, we and the animals are truly grateful.


Caleb is a 4-month-old neutered male. He is current on all his shots. He is part of an original litter of 10 that were turned over to us in the beginning of December. Caleb is one of the mellower ones of the group, and is very well mannered. He is still a puppy, so he does like to play and snack on chewy treats. He has been around children and dogs his entire life and does very well with everyone.


Divinity is one of the sisters of the litter. She is easygoing and tenderhearted. She loves to have your attention and will sweetly play with you. She, too, would make a wonderful, family dog since she has been around kids her entire life. Please come meet this amazing little girl, and get to know the sweet temperament we know.


Isaac is playful and outgoing. He can play all day and enjoys being around other dogs. He would make an excellent hiking companion and would love to go to the river or lake. He is unique and has his own intriguing personality. He, too, has been around kids and dogs his entire life, so a family with other dogs or kids would suit him best.


Lucas is the energetic one of the bunch. He is independent and loves to play and climb. He is sweet and affectionate, and always makes time to play with his siblings and friends. Like the rest of the litter, he would do well with kids and other dogs, and would do best in an active household. If you need an active companion, this is your guy.


Paige is the other sister of the litter. She is fun and unique and quite the character. She can be somewhat shy at first, but she always comes around. She is so cute and playful and loves the toys. She will make a wonderful, family dog or even a great hiking companion. She is lovable and docile and such a sweet girl.


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