Super Bowl A Win-Win For Columnist


Are you ready for the Super Bowl? We watched the Arizona game and the Pittsburgh game and we yelled loud enough for them to hear us in Phoenix. You can’t say they were not exciting games.

But, here comes the question? Who do we cheer for? I was born in the Pittsburgh area and have always been a Steelers fan, but I have lived in Arizona for more than 30 years. I called my sister Mary Sveda who is a die-hard Steelers fan and told her. “I will see you at the Super Bowl, girl.” Then my husband’s best friend back in Pittsburgh, Butch Timko, called him after the game and said the Steelers were going to go all the way. Before the games Gary Anderson who has a home here and in the Valley sent me a Pittsburgh Steelers prayer that was really cute. You see Gary is also a die-hard Steelers fan, but it also makes me wonder whom he will be cheering for. I guess I would like to see the Cardinals win being I live here in Arizona, but if Pittsburgh wins I would not be sad. Either way I am going to love watching this year’s Super Bowl and you can bet I am going to be yelling all the way.

Just for the record, my husband’s Pittsburgh Steelers sweater is hanging from our flagpole as we speak.

Don’t forget Wednesday, Jan. 28 is the annual Hashknife Pony Express ride from Holbrook to the Valley. You can come out to Creekside, have lunch and watch the riders as they exchange the mailbag right in front of the restaurant. The riders hang out there waiting for the exchange so you can meet some of them and take a picture or two. Depending on the weather, the exchange can take place anytime between noon and 3 p.m.


I sent an e-mail to Mr. Nunley from the Forest Service about the hold up on the firebreak around the community. Mr. Nunley had responded to my e-mail right away and this was his response. “Mrs. Marazza, I want you to know that the Payson Ranger District, Tonto National Forest and the Southwestern Region are 100 percent supportive of the Christopher Creek WUI project. I would like to know who from the Forest Service is saying we don’t support the project. The reason we have not started work is because we are waiting for our environment document to be complete. The wildlife portion of the document is written and is being sent to another agency (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service). This is a requirement for us to get concurrence from them to complete the overall environmental document. We cannot by law go to work on Forest System Land without this document. I know this has been frustrating waiting on us, but it is the law that we have to follow. Please be assured that we here at the District want to get going on this project as soon as possible. Thank You, Don”

I will keep you informed if any information comes available about the firebreak.

Condolences to Ashby family

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Skip Ashby who passed away this week. Skip resided at the CI Ranch in Christopher Creek. Skip and his family have been coming to Christopher Creek for more than 50 years. Skip was an avid fisherman, hunter and liked being outdoors. Skip was a carpenter by trade and worked on the large bridge up on the Rim. During his work there he had an accident where a beam fell on him and he became disabled. Skip always spoke his mind, if he liked you, you knew it, if he did not like you, you also knew it. Skip was always kind to me and always said hello when he saw me. When the apples on his property came ripe, he would let me pick them and tell which ones were good. In return, I would bake him a pie. Skip had many jobs over the years and moved back and forth from the Valley, but always came back to Christopher Creek, the area he loved.


Deloris Dale will be adding another candle to her cake Jan. 25. My friend, Keith Tharp, who I think is somewhere in Arizona, will be celebrating on Jan. 27 and Caren Christensen will add another candle to her cake that same day. Marilyn Salomon will be celebrate her birthday Jan. 30. Wishing all of you a happy birthday!


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