A Plea To The New President


Tell us it isn’t true, Mr. President.

Tell us media reports that you are rooting for the Pittsburg Steelers in the Super Bowl are wrong.

We are hearing the pro-Pittsburg vibes partly because you reportedly told Steelers coach Mike Tomlin during the campaign that if you didn’t live in Chicago, you’d be a Steelers fan.

Well, Mr. President you don’t live in Chicago anymore.

We understand you are inherently a Bear booster, but as President you must now throw your loyalties behind the Arizona Cardinals.

After all, the two of you have so much in common.

Think about it.

Your presidential campaign was all about hope, change, belief and equality — the very same cohesive elements the Cardinals have been building on since training camp opened last July in Flagstaff.

And you are also alike in that both of you know all to well the role of underdogs.

You began your presidential campaign playing second fiddle behind Hillary Clinton and possibly others.

But you overcame all odds just like the Cardinals did after opening the season as after thoughts to the Seattle Seahawks.

Another similarity is that the Cards are not to be denied just as weren’t in your now famous run to the White House.

Also, you’ve often talked about squelching out baneful and corrupting thoughts of impossibility. Cards coach Ken Wisenhunt has followed that very same strategy in molding a winning culture in Arizona.

Mr. President, you are out to prove this year that you are not just a feel good story as some are claiming. The Cardinals’ have set that same goal for Super Bowl XLII — they don’t want to be remembered a fairy tale story that came true.

And, because you are in the White House for the first time, you’re facing doubters who criticize you for a lack of experience.

Like you, the Cards have also never been on the big stage giving soothsayers the opportunity to predict they will fold up their tents once the Pittsburg pass rush heats up.

Finally, what about quarterback Kurt Warner?

He’s the former grocery store clerk and Arena football player who rose from obscurity to lead the Cards to the Promised Land.

It’s a moving, inspirational story, just like your rise to the presidency.

So, Mr. President this game pits the Arizona Cardinals of hope and change against the old guard pessimism of the Steelers.

Which is the better fit for you?

Little League prepping for 2009

As good as the past Little League season was, officials would like to make the upcoming campaign even better.

League brass, led by president Slade Gibson, got a jump-start Oct. 29 on that goal with the election of the new board of directors.

All-important fund-raising began in November with a Krispy Kreme doughnut sale.

Officials say more fund-raisers will follow including a celebrity baseball game to be held Feb. 8 at Scottsdale Stadium.

Player sign-ups and tryouts are other tasks that will ensure the program runs smoothly.

Registration for the new season has begun for all aspiring softball and baseball players between the ages of 6 and 14.

Registration forms are available at the National Bank of Arizona and online at: www.eteamz.com/


Forms can be turned in to National Bank of Arizona weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Players must bring a copy of their birth certificate.

The registration fee is $75 for the first player and $70 for each additional child in the same family.

Officials say no child will be turned away for financial reasons, scholarships will be available. Players who sign up before Feb. 6 will receive free tickets to the celebrity baseball game.

Tryouts for boys and girls ages 9 to 12 years will begin at 10 a.m. Feb. 28 on the two Rumsey west fields, sometimes known as the Kiwanis fields.

Also, the league is in need of even more adult volunteers.

“If you would like to volunteer to help Payson Little League, please submit an application available at National Bank or online at www.eteamz.com/

paysonlittleleague,” LL official Jeri Stockman said. “A copy of your driver’s license will be required to volunteer.”


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