Thanks To All Who Helped During Husband’S Medical Problems



On Nov. 14, 2008, my husband and I went into Banner Good Sam hospital for a three-day stay for stents in his heart. It turned into a week to get ready for a four-way bypass (cabbage), 15 days in ICU surgery where he developed pneumonia one week in lower ICU and two weeks in acute rehab.

My husband could not walk, talk, eat, drink, or hear. He was with a bed sore which developed in ICU even with all their care.

Then he was transferred to Payson Care Center for two weeks where Dr. Munoz performed surgery on his buttocks and took 12 stitches. (He is now home and) is still getting home nursing (care).

I stayed with him constantly and I want to thank all the people who made it possible for me to stay with my husband.

I think with their kindness and Jesus’ help, we made it. We love you and thank you for all your generous contributions that kept us going.

Thank you Mountain Bible Church, Connie Needham, Lorrie, Rissy and Kylie White, Donald and Dian Sweatt, Corianne Sweatt, Brandy Olsen and John Karst, Ronald and Dolly Armstead, Donald Paradis, Diana Halsey, Dan and Barb Pruett. We will never forget you and what you did for us.

Willadean Sweatt

Dewey W. Sweatt


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