Defeating Override Might Save Some Money In The Short Run, But At What Cost?



Right now, I am in the eighth-grade, but I still know the value of education. Someday I will have a family to protect and provide for, I will have to pay for previous bailouts, and pay into Social Security to care for the last generation.

How ironic is it that that generation voted to discontinue the bond of Payson Unified School District ($400,000)? The result will be lost educational opportunities and teachers being laid off. Consequently, there will be less high value and high paying jobs. Therefore, less income for Social Security and future responsibilities.

But that is not all. Those subjects, classes and services to be cut are things like physical education, art, librarians, maintenance, etc. At the middle school, Coach Wilcox teaches P.E., but that is not all Coach teaches.

At the end of every week, we get “the talk.” He teaches that we should never let our mothers carry any thing in our presence. He tells us to remove the trash from our music and what we watch.

As Coach says, “Trash in. Trash out.” He motivates us to work harder and get our heart rate up in an encouraging way, without belittling or criticizing. He is teaching us by small and simple means how to become men. Gentlemen.

I am sure many young men do not receive these lessons at home. The voters may have saved a little money in the short run, but at what cost?

Mason Standifird

Eighth-grade student

Rim Country Middle School


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