A Javelina Head, A Dog Gone Wild And A Scattering Of Broken Windows Keeps Sheriff’S Deputies Busy


Consider the odd adventures waiting for Gila County Sheriff’s deputies on an off-season Rim Country weekend — vanishing hunters, mystery motorists, smashed windows, mad dogs, missing javelina heads and the odd burglary.

Deputies patrolling the sprawl of Rim Country reported a quiet weekend lacking any serious crimes, but with a dollop of oddball moments.

A litany of calls from Friday to Sunday include:

• Midnight Saturday: The owner of the Sportsman Chalet in Strawberry reported that some knucklehead stole the mounted javelina head from the business.

As evidence that traffickers in javelina heads don’t operate at the high end of the criminal food chain, the owner had their names in hand when officers arrived. A short while later, the deputies returned with both the purloined javelina and the suspects in hand.

• Saturday, 10:37 p.m.: A caller from Gisela reported that a dog had run amok and bitten three people at a home on Old Mountain Trail.

When deputies arrived, the bitten people all said they needed medical attention. The officers passed the matter along to animal control.

• Friday, 1:44 p.m: Deputies responded to a burglary in the area of Colcord Road. The investigation continues.

• Friday, 4:34 a.m.: Deputies responded to an alarm call in the Pine area, where they found a broken front window but no other signs of entry. The officers contacted the out-of-town owners.

• Saturday, 2:50 p.m., deputies went looking for some allegedly trespassing hunters in Pine, but found no sign of the obviously well-hidden hunters.

• Saturday, 4:34 p.m.: Deputies got a call to help a motorist get unstuck at the Bar X Crossing, only to find the driver in question self-unstuck upon arrival.

• Saturday, 12:20 p.m.: Deputies investigated a broken window at a house in Pine.

• Sunday, 1:28 p.m.: Deputies checked out a car that had rammed into a trailer at Pueblo Heights Mobile Home Park.

• Sunday, 10:14 a.m.: A caller reported the name of someone who had allegedly dumped trash illegally in the Silver Hills area.

Deputies knocked on his door and told him to clean it up.

• Sunday, 11:30 p.m: Deputies headed for a house on Navajo Six Shooter Canyon, where a hit-and-run driver had sideswiped a guy’s car.

Only three Gila County cases resulted in arrests all weekend — and those were all made by out-of-town officers dropping the hammer on people wanted for violations in Rim Country.

Miami police arrested James E. Chacon on a child support warrant and Chandler police arrested Wendy R. Teague on the same charge.

Meanwhile, police scooped up Cecil Sing, 28, from San Carlos, on failure to appear for a drunken driving charge.


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