Former Gcc Board Member Not Happy With Charges


Doyle Coffey waved the $27 check from his wheelchair in protest. The man largely responsible for Gila Community College’s Payson campus as it exists today reminded the board of the time, money and energy he had expended on the college.

In the fall, Coffey had requested nearly three years’ worth of meeting minutes, at 10 cents per-page, to see how many times Globe board members out-voted Payson board members.

Then, he got the bill for $27. So on Friday, Coffey rolled himself out of his house, and to the campus he helped build to address the board in his now-raspy voice.

Coffey, whom the Roundup featured in October, spent his retirement gathering money and support for the buildings and land that now comprise the Payson college campus.

Board member Larry Stephenson, from Payson, asked if the board could grant Coffey a waver.

Chairman Bob Ashford researched the legalities and discovered that public bodies can charge for documents, but don’t have to.

Senior Dean Stephen Cullen noted that the county charges 25 cents per-copy, and he wrote in an e-mail that 10 cents is very reasonable.


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