Stories for July 2009


Friday, July 31

Community Almanac

The Arizona Elks Association will be hosting a charity bingo session open to the public at the Payson Elks Lodge Saturday, Aug. 1. Ticket sales begin at 8 a.m. and bingo starts at 9 a.m. at the Lodge, at the corner of Beeline and Airport Road.

Dawson offensive

I attended the “workshop” meeting on Tuesday, July 21. I sent this letter to Supervisor Dawson and I would like to share it with the Roundup. The “workshop” left me shaking my head wondering about some of our elected officials.

Pitching distance to change

High school softball pitchers will, within the next two years, find themselves pitching from 43 feet rather than the 40 feet they now do.

Tease photo

At rope’s end: Fear, grief and joy in Cibecue Creek

Apache guide leads the way into sacred Cibecue Creek, on the trail of bears and loss

Gregg Henry — bull rider, firefighter, cowboy, canyoneer, guide, and full-blooded Cibecue Apache of the clan of Chief Diablo himself — stood nonchalantly on the edge of the sheer 80-foot drop alongside the thundering waterfall and looked at me expectantly.

Thanks, ADOT

On May 11, I received a letter from ADOT thanking our Community Presbyterian Church volunteers for keeping SR87 between mileposts 255 to 256 clean.

Gila County tax hike closes gap but ‘raises eyebrows’

2 percent rise will cost $8 on $100,000 home, but helps offset state cuts, projects

Gila County supervisors adopted a $100 million budget and a 2 percent tax increase Tuesday that maintains services despite state cuts.

Dawson approach appalling

I hope Supervisor Dawson enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame at the “ambush” meeting she put together. Little wonder why politicians have such low approval ratings what with such underhanded and disingenuous approaches.

Cutbacks and county plans don’t add up

Has anyone looked up the meaning to cutbacks?

Dreams, hopes, visions for shelter

Dreams, hopes and visions — these are the topics of this week’s article.

Senator Kyl should refrain from health care vote

I am asking for equal time. Senator Kyl has had over 1,000 words printed in your paper over the last two weeks, arguing his side.

Pine Country Animal Clinic now on call 24 hours

It’s something you hope you’ll never need, a 24-hour vet to look after your cat, dog or horse in a medical emergency.

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Back at it

The first day of school on Wednesday was electric – full of jitters, butterflies, uncertainty, excitement and joy. Old friends were greeted and new classmates and teachers encountered.

Payson growth stalls Star Valley shrinks

Town leads county but lags state

New census data shows growth in Payson has nearly screetched to a halt in the last few years.

Concerns, questions about water deserve answers

The editorial “County session is curious, curiouser” (July 24 Roundup) criticizes individuals attempting to get answers to questions about the Pine-Strawberry water situation.

County needs to step up on water

First and foremost I would like to comment on the supervisors’ meeting held July 21 in Star Valley. It was announced on the front page of the Payson Roundup. Supervisor Dawson said it would be on various water issues and it also stated it was open to the public.

Support of cowboy celebration appreciated

The National Day of the Cowboy was celebrated in Payson this past Saturday with music performances organized by the “Wagon Wheel Territory” group of businesses

Fire wise landscape is ugly

When the builder built our house he made an effort to disturb as little of the natural foliage as possible. Now, 17 years later, the insurance companies and environmentalists, along with the gardeners want to tell me how to landscape my yard.

Understanding mutual fund classes is not always as easy as A, B, C

Before you buy a mutual fund, you’ll want to do some research.

School board nixes override

Payson schools won’t try again for an override because the economy is too rough, the school board decided Tuesday night.

Be a hero — donate at any August blood drive

We all expect blood to be available when we need it. Make sure it is by becoming a blood donor at one of these upcoming blood drives.

Done Deal!

Pine/Strawberry board OKs handshake deal to buy water company for $3.5 million

After years of tumult and struggle, the Pine/Strawberry Water Improvement District Board on Thursday night approved a tentative agreement to buy the community’s privately owned water company for $3.5 million.

Rim Country teens gearing up for fall sports

Teens around the Rim Country are gearing up for the onset of the fall sports seasons of football, volleyball, cross-country and soccer.

Art, artists focus of First Friday fun

July is at an end, so can First Friday festivities be far behind?

School board must decide when to fight

So, when do you admire the guy who charges a bullet-spitting machine gun nest?

Good times wait at GLH barrel racing, team roping

Economic times are tough all around, but Bobbie Jo Haught’s best hope is that the distressed market doesn’t adversely affect the Gracie Lee Haught Barrel Racing and Team Roping.

Draw for leftover permits is Aug. 3

Even though it is mid-summer, the fall hunting permits have been finalized for the big game seasons in Arizona. Hopefully, you obtained at least one tag for a favorite hunt or at least a second choice permit.

Tease photo

GLH fund big winner in Home Run Derby

A pair of former Payson High School sports standouts dominated the Fifth Annual Home Run Derby.

One plus one can equal trouble if you’re counting sons, Part II

I left off last week at the point where my brother Charlie and I had just discovered that the six ounces of nitroglycerine we were making in the back yard had to be constantly stirred and kept cool for 24 hours to prevent it from detonating. When Charlie read that in his little book he began flipping pages like mad. And a few minutes later — without warning — he just took off.

‘Sam’s Plan’ had far-reaching consequences

Back in the 1880s there was a little cowtown on the Red River that sported five bars, four churches, a bank, and a schoolhouse.

Around the Rim

Rummage sale to benefit Hellsgate

Moving from one place to another is a bear and we are moving just down the street! Where does all the stuff come from?

Four-year college would be a win-win-win for Payson

A couple of weeks ago I read in the Roundup that there is a strong possibility that little ol’ Payson just might become the benefactor of Mayor Evans’ hard work to bring a four-year college to our community. Wow! How exciting is that!

World virus attacks should send wake-up call

We’ve all seen the “low fuel” light come on in our vehicles. Most of the time, we promptly pull into a gas station and take care of the situation. Sometimes, though, we use a variety of excuses to delay action: “I don’t have time to stop right now.” “I’d rather not spend my weekend ‘fun’ money on gas.” “That gauge is always wrong, I have plenty of gas left.”

Forest fire burning near Dude Creek

A remote fire at the head of upper Dude Creek, off the Control Road, continues to burn but poses no threat to any structures, the U.S. Forest Service reports.

Wednesday, July 29

Abundance of squash inspires creativity

My kitchen garden contains long, vibrant green vines containing beautiful, edible, yellow flowers. The blossoms precede an abundant crop of summer squash. Summer squash are members of the gourd family and include zucchini, cocozelle, yellow squash (crooked and straight) and pattypan, also called scalloped and scaloppini.


The transient treasures of summer

Summer’s treasures are transient — the monsoon storm and the rainbows left to shimmer in its wake; the perfect, starlit night filled with the smell of a great barbecue and music floating in the air from who knows where. And then there are summer’s precious gems, the glorious, gleaming gifts cultivated with care in our gardens or surprising and delighting us on the banks of bar ditches along the roadside — flowers.

some unique vacations

I thought you may be interested in some vacations that are a little different from many that are available today.

The Story of Payson, Arizona


The year 1918 was a pivotal time for Payson, because that was the year Zane Grey discovered the Rim Country, and began to write descriptions of its beauty that captured the hearts of readers.

Author gives guide to lasting happiness

Author Ed Feyereisen calls it his baby — it was six years in gestation and six months in childbirth. “It” is his book, “Living Life With No Regrets,” a guide to lasting happiness.

Tease photo

Payson celebrates National Day of the Cowboy with music

Jonell Loeffler, left, and Chris Royer, right, lend their talents to Anne James’ National Day of the Cowboy performance at the Payson Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore on July 25.

Tuesday, July 28

Be warned: Swine flu will return

Flu season is inching closer and the swine flu will return, David Fletcher, director of Gila County’s Health Department told county supervisors recently.

Don’t let the heat get you

Record heat is expected in the Valley this weekend and in the Rim Country temperatures are forecast to range from the mid to high 90s. It is a good deal cooler than the extreme of 115, but still quite a bit warmer than most of us are used to.

Rescued horses return the favor at camp

When school is out for the summer, a group of volunteers turns to horses to teach at-risk and disabled children some of life’s invaluable lessons.

Payson plans crime-fighting block party

The Payson Police Department, along with the National Association of Town Watch, is gearing up for another National Night Out.

From Anthropology to Zumba®: College adds classes

Gila Community College is offering three new general education courses this fall semester.

Payson debates sign standards

It took consultant Angela Dye several years to come up with a comprehensive set of recommendations on how to transform Payson’s highway strip mall frontage into something classy — all mountainy and cool.

Suspended license trips up alleged burglar

After nearly two months of tracking, Payson police officers stumbled upon a man they believe was part of a recent high-volume burglary during a routine traffic stop Wednesday.

Supervisor wants transparency — not takeover

I make it a point not to respond to press coverage unless invited to do so, but your article “Water district takeover urged” deserves some comment.

Who could resist pressure with open voting ballot

The Democrats in Congress and the White House want to abolish the secret ballot for union elections. I am quite sure that having the “card check” system will work to the advantage of the corrupt union bosses who cannot win a fair election.

Separation of church and state

In a recent letter in support of Mr. Pyle — the writer attempted to refute the argument that we are, in fact, a nation of laws, not a Christian nation. He argued that when my father taught me about enlightenment rationalism and its legacy within our Constitution, he was teaching me a “belief.” This is an interesting projection of a sort.

Reagan speaks out against socialized medicine

On, “Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine” listen to the truth on socialized health care.

In memory of Barbara Kermeen Phillips

We want to thank all of our great friends and families for your support, concern and love.

Molly’s letter to the community

Hi, my name is Molly and I am a 4-year-old American foxhound. My owner and I read Mikey Marazza’s article about the trash and graffiti at box canyon. My owner had surgery back in December; he needed some exercise, so I started taking him hiking.

Council understands that tax hikes add up

We were resigned to paying our $5 or $10 per year. Perhaps even patriotically eager.

Community Almanac

Payson Elks Lodge is again presenting “PEACH Night” — Payson Elks Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Night — from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., Thursday, July 30.

‘Cash for clunkers’ may spur car sales

If you’ve been holding on to that beloved gas guzzling SUV for the last 20 years, now may be the time to trade it in for a new, fuel-efficient vehicle.

Lost woman found

It was another busy week for Tonto Rim Search and Rescue volunteers who battled sleep deprivation and exhaustion in a series of overnight rescues.

Motorcyclist dies in elk crash

A motorcycle rider is dead and his passenger in serious condition after they collided with an elk west of Star Valley Friday night.

Tease photo

A magical night

Payson’s endangered concert series ends with dancing, glow sticks

It was a perfect evening for jazz in the park Saturday night. Like the music itself, the evening glowed with improvised, magical moments as guitarist John Darst freewheeled through a solo. Couples swayed on a dance floor of fresh cut grass and children tossed green glow sticks in the starry, dark sky with a streak of laughter.

Itty bitty lots: No way

Payson council won’t study affordable housing idea

Little tiny lots in Payson — just to supply affordable housing?

Design topic of chamber’s Business Buzz luncheon

Learn from experts how to re-make Rim Country communities into desirable destination locations.

What kind of buyer are you?

Charles Clark introduced a breakthrough system that figures out what motivates a buyer based on certain personality types.

Local sports official shares stories from four-time Super Bowl referee

For veteran high school sports official Tim Fruth, also the Payson High School assistant principal, the highlight of the National Association of Sports Officials 27th Annual Summit was reliving football memories with a man who officiated in four Super Bowls.

PMGA President’s Cup a hot contest

There’s was an old-fashioned, junkyard dog fight going on in the Payson Men’s Golf Association President’s Cup tournament.

Plenty of activities in August

The entry fee for youths 14- to 17-year-olds entered in the Tonto Rim Sports Club 3D Archery shoot is $15 rather than $25 as reported in Extra Points on July 21.

Ted Meredith Roping winners reap rewards of cash, buckles, saddles

There’s good money to be earned in team ropings.

Tease photo

Payson has three in top 10 of national bike race

A trio of Payson state champion cyclists have ridden their way to honors in the granddaddy of all mountain bike competitions — USA Cycling’s National Mountain Bike Cross Country Championships. The gold medal showdown was held July 17 near at Sol Vista near Granby Ranch, Colo.

Businessman blames supervisor for meeting

There is an old episode of M*A*S*H where Hawkeye (Captain Pierce) is being court-martialed for insubordination against Major Burns. After Major Burns presents his diatribe Hawkeye states “to say the least I am sure that’s the way Major Burns sees it. To say the most, it is utterly untrue.” In other words, people may see things the way they want to with disregard for the factual record.

Friday, July 24

Search of truck nets $2M in drugs

A routine traffic stop on Highway 87 Saturday afternoon yielded two arrests and more than $2 million worth of marijuana, heroin and cocaine.

Sewer master plan goes forward in SV

What will $26,000 buy you? A Mazda Miata? Down payment on a home? For the Star Valley Town Council, it could provide $50 million worth of sewer advice.

Payson’s tax rate unchanged

The Payson Town Council Thursday balked at raising the town’s property tax rate, despite facing a tight budget with almost no reserves.

Semi truck rollover shuts down Highway 87

A semi tractor-trailer carrying crushed cars closed southbound Highway 87 for more than six hours Thursday night after it overturned, shooting debris across four lanes of traffic.

Family greets Fish as he walks out of prison

A retired schoolteacher convicted of second-degree murder after shooting a Payson man during a trailside confrontation five years ago was released from prison around noon Tuesday, July 21.

County session is curious, curiouser

“It would be so nice if things made sense for a change.” —Alice, from Alice in Wonderland. The Gila County Board of Supervisors this week went tumbling down the rabbit hole of the bewildering Pine Strawberry water wars.

Get on the ball if you don’t want to be clobbered


I was recently contacted by someone who called himself a neoconservative Republican and warned me about my extremist, old-fashioned Republican views.

Some government workers do know how to cooperate

Guess we should count our blessings.

Thanks to those who put on the Ring of Honor

I would like to recognize the people who put the Ring of Honor together and give them a big thank you. Farrell and Mary Hoosava, Jinx and Jayne (Peace) Pyle, Chuck and Hallie Jackman and all others who helped make this possible. What a wonderful evening the Mazatzal Casino hosted for myself and others to be inducted to the Payson Rodeo Legends Ring of Honor.

One plus one can equal trouble if you’re counting sons


My mother used to say that whenever my two oldest brothers, Bill and Frank, got together it wasn’t one plus one equals two, it was one plus one equals “... more trouble than the Good Lord should put on the shoulders of a poor hard-working widow.”

Cap and trade bill is nothing but a tax increase

I want to commend Sen. Jon Kyl on his wise column against the cap and trade bill that is now in the Senate.

Jinx is the best entertainment Payson has to offer

As a 3- to 4-year-old visiting Grandpa on his farm, I was asked to catch some chickens for dinner. My brother and I managed to round up three of the cluckers. Grandpa ambled to the chopping block and without notice came down on the block with the ax ... lop went the first head and we watched in stunned silence while that first chicken ran in two great circles, minus head, and then straight into the sack my grandpa had for transporting. Grandpa held that bag up and declared that bird the winner and our next meal.

Frustration and concern over handing out copies of Constitution

After reading the article by Pete Aleshire, my first thought is “brouhaha”? That conjures up a sense of commotion or uproar, but it is an eye-catching title for a newspaper story. Yes, there definitely has been a determination to get facts on what the policy or ordinance is for handing out public information (copies of the Constitution in this case) at the town park, but a brouhaha?

Pine Strawberry water board seeks open meeting with supervisors

To Shirley Dawson: The Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District (PSWID) is very astonished, surprised and disappointed that the Board of Supervisors (BOS) chose to hold a “workshop” recently, July 21, concerning water issues in the Pine-Strawberry area without so much as even advising the district of the scheduling of such meeting.

Rental tax stays in place in Star Valley

It took several months of back and forth discussion between the Star Valley council and town manager, but the town has finally come to a resolution regarding its 2-percent rental tax.

Payson Art League education program to benefit from ice cream social

Down the Street Art Gallery is hosting an Ice Cream Social Friday, Aug. 7 to benefit the Payson Art League’s Arts Education Program which donates art supplies for our local schools. While many art programs are being cut due to budget constraints, these supplies are even more important, organizers said in a press release.

Tease photo

Prep players in Payson for football camp

Longhorns joined by teams from Casa Grande, Dysart and Sunrise Mountain

Two-a-days are the bane of every high school football player. Three-a-days are absolutely brutal. But that’s what has been happening this past week at Payson High School where almost 200 prep players from around the state gathered for a preseason camp.

Come one, come all – all are welcome for home run derby

Age restrictions have been removed from one of the summer’s most hotly contested athletic events.

Women’s outdoor program now just one day

Mary McMullen is hoping that cutting the Women’s Step Outside program from two days to one day will allow for more participation.

Youth football players need to register July 25

Payson Youth Football officials will host two upcoming player and cheerleader registrations, from 9 a.m. to noon tomorrow, July 25, and those same hours on Aug. 1.

The perfect combination for stream fishing


Summer stream fishing for trout in Arizona could be comparable to a military low crawl training session in the jungles of some far off country.

School board puts off override decision

Continuing legislative uncertainty convinced the Payson Unified School District Board to put off deciding whether to seek approval of an override voters flunked in November.

Group forms to save Tonto Natural Bridge

Arizona State Parks may shut down entirely before October, but Rim Country leaders say they’ll keep Tonto Natural Bridge State Park open no matter what happens to the rest of the system.

Payson to build third fire station

The Payson council Thursday voted to build a third fire station at the eastern edge of town with $1.5 million in bonding authority approved by voters in 2003.

While installing fire alarm, cut gas line starts fire

It was a worst-case scenario for a former U.S. Forest Service firefighter turned fire alarm installer Wednesday, when he inadvertently started a fire at Payson High School.

Visions turned into mission statement by school board

They have a mission, they have a vision, and they’re ready to roll.

Community Almanac

The Payson “Wagon Wheel Territory” group of businesses will celebrate the National Day of the Cowboy from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, July 25. The businesses will host a series of musical performances throughout Payson. A decorated wagon wheel in front of their establishments can easily identify the Wagon Wheel businesses.

Tease photo

Summer delights: Transient treasures

Summer’s treasures are transient — the monsoon storm and the rainbows left to shimmer in its wake; the perfect, starlit night filled with the smell of a great barbecue and music floating in the air from who knows where. And then there are summer’s precious gems, the glorious, gleaming gifts cultivated with care in our gardens or surprising and delighting us on the banks of bar ditches along the roadside — flowers.

School days are just a week away

Schools, teachers provide needs list

The groans are getting louder. School starts in just a week in Payson and Pine.

NPG Cable named independent operator of the year

NPG Cable, Inc. was selected independent operator of the year by CableFAX magazine.

Edward Jones ranked highest in investor satisfaction

For the fourth year, financial-services firm Edward Jones ranks highest in investor satisfaction with full service brokerage firms, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2009 Full Service Investor Satisfaction Study.

Protect your 401(k) after a layoff


Are you retiring soon? Changing jobs? Leaving your company? Or think you may be laid off? If so, here’s one of the most important questions you’ll need to ask yourself: What should you do with your 401(k) or other tax-advantaged retirement plan?

Pets in need of a happy ending


Monsoon season has arrived. The badly needed rain is such a blessing. Unfortunately, the thunder that comes along with it has really been tough on the dogs. Just today we have received three different dogs that were found running down the road after the early afternoon storm.

Rim Country water stewards program offered at GCC

If water affects your life in any way, from the quality of what you drink and recreate in to knowing there’s enough for you, your neighbors, the forest and its creatures, then the Master Watershed Steward is for you.

Author gives guide to lasting happiness

Author Ed Feyereisen calls it his baby — it was six years in gestation and six months in childbirth. “It” is his book, Living Life With No Regrets, a guide to lasting happiness.

Dance the night away at Family Days Celebration

If you’re looking for something fun to do tomorrow night (Saturday), come on over to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (next to the hospital) from 7 to 10 p.m. The church is hosting a family dance night (where I’ll be spinning the tunes) as part of its Family Days Celebration.

Temperatures creeping upward in the Village

The temperatures in the Rim Country have been extremely hot! The town of Payson has hit 100 degrees-plus just about all this past week. Tonto Village has almost reached that mark, but not quite. Unofficially, the temperatures have been around 95 degrees. That temperature is still pretty darn warm!

Forest visitors urged to pack out garbage


Normally, we try to avoid places like Fossil Creek on the weekends, but a baptism coupled with the intense heat got us down there last Saturday. As it turned out we found a great “new” swimming hole and managed to have an awesome day cooling off in the crystal pools away from the mobs.

Volunteers make Bible school a success


Last week was Vacation Bible School in Christopher Creek. Thirty-four children could not wait to enter the chapel for an exciting week of learning and fun. This year’s theme was Boomerang Express, “It all comes back to Jesus.”

Private Daniel Neff

Private Daniel Neff graduated from United States Marine Corps basic training on July 2.

Izabella Sage Zimmerman

Izabella Sage Zimmerman was born at 7:42 a.m., Monday, July 13 at Chandler Regional Hospital.

Mack Cailliau

Mack Cailliau was born at 4:04 p.m., Monday, July 6 to Andrew and Angela Cailliau.

Colten Craig Boyle

Colten Craig Boyle was born at 8:47 p.m., Friday, June 26 to Michelle Weathersby and Preston Boyle.

Majerle, Kempton rodeo parade ambassadors

The 2009 Rodeo Parade will celebrate the 125th year of the World’s Oldest Continuous Rodeo.

Tease photo

Water district takeover urged

Pine Strawberry district critics want county to step in

The Gila County Board of Supervisors should take over the Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District, insisted critics of the district’s attempt to buy the private water company.

Wednesday, July 22

Celebrate after the monsoons with food, family, friends, fun

It is the time of year when the stretch between holidays is on the long side. We have had the 4th of July, and Labor Day is more than six weeks away. So, what to do in the way of a celebration? Well, July is just packed with “national” celebrations: it’s National Blueberries Month, National Grilling Month, National Horseradish Month, National Hot Dog Month and National Ice Cream Month.

August Pieper and his brewery


Payson became a town in 1882 and obtained its first post office and held its first rodeo in 1884. On the heels of this, in 1885 it appears that Pinal Brewery made its way in some form to Payson. A deed dated July 12, 1885 shows a transaction between Charles Bohren (Grantor) and Fred Rechenmacher, August Pieper, Frank Bissig, and Carl [sic] Soyer (Grantees). It states that the grantees are “partners doing business under the name Pinal Brewing Co.”

Touring the British Isles


The countries that represent most Americans’ heritage would include the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France and Scandinavia. If you have not ventured overseas to these countries perhaps this is the year to start exploring your roots. In this column, we will take you through a tour of the British Isles.

Jazz Trio is final concert in the park

The Payson Jazz Trio, with special guest John Darst on guitar, will be the final group to perform in the 2009 Concert in the Park series. The jazz concert is in Green Valley Park from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday July 25.

Harold Fish released

A retired schoolteacher convicted of second-degree murder after shooting a Payson man during a trailside confrontation has been released from prison.

Tuesday, July 21

Water supply, sewer system needed to help SV grow

Does Star Valley want to remain the sleepy, small town with ranch properties, limited commercial growth, aged septic systems, limited water sources and a single revenue source of photo enforcement tickets?

New water district created by Gila County supervisors

Gila County’s newest water district does not yet have either a water company or a sworn-in board.

Gene Granville Cooper (1933-2009)

Gene Granville Cooper, formerly of Payson, died July 12, 2009 in Bennington, Okla. He was born Aug. 7, 1933 to Granville and Alma Cooper in Phoenix.

Jack W. Bushno (1926-2009)

Jack W. Bushno was born March 11, 1926 in Chicago, Ill. He lived and was educated in Rock Island, Ill.

Tease photo

Nine-year-old Payson swimmer has goals set high

If there’s a budding Jenny Thompson in Payson, it’s Emily Giarrizzo.

New girls basketball coach takes over team that lost all its starters

A woman who learned basketball from her high school coaching father has been tapped to head the Lady Longhorn hoop program.

Angler lands six good rainbows at Rim lake

A really good day in Don McFarland’s retirement years is spent leisurely angling for rainbow trout on the scenic shores of Woods Canyon Lake.

ADOT volunteer given trip to D-backs game

John Dryer’s first trip to an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game in Chase Field is one he won’t soon forget.

3D archery shoot will be Aug. 9

With big game seasons just over the horizon, it’s time for archery hunters to begin fine tuning their skills.

Re-Runs moves to bigger location on Main Street

With the huge success Re-Runs experienced during its first year on Main Street, owners Andy and Cindy Kofile found themselves running out of space.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears


Real estate, Goldilocks and the Three Bears ... Oh my!

Merchants celebrate national cowboy day

The Payson “Wagon Wheel Territory” group of businesses will celebrate the National Day of the Cowboy from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, July 25. The businesses will host a series of musical performances throughout Payson. A decorated wagon wheel in front of their establishments can easily identify the Wagon Wheel businesses.

Educational opportunities for area senior citizens

Senior Moments

Life used to be so simple. If you wanted to contact someone, there were three ways: physically go see them, call them on the telephone or write a letter.

Local rodeo greats form Ring of Honor

Living legends, legendary riders alike honored

Even before she got inducted into the Cowgirl, Cowboy and Pro-Rodeo halls of fame — Payson’s own Nancy Sheppard could bring ’em to their feet in the rodeo arena doing rope tricks atop a cantering horse.

PSWID approves $9M budget

The Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District board, at its July 16 meeting, approved a 2009-2010 budget of $9,401,000.

Potential cuts, control on college board agenda

With a looming deficit and little power of its own, Gila Community College board members will discuss Thursday both potential budget cuts and new ways to exert influence over their affairs.

Gila Community College classes

The Gila Community College - Payson Campus is offering new classes for the Fall semester.

Freshman Orientation at Payson High School

All freshmen entering Payson High School are required to attend Frosh Orientation Tuesday, July 28, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., in the old gym on the PHS campus.

Act now – don’t wait for disaster

Pop quiz: What’s the biggest danger to Payson, Star Valley, Pine and Strawberry? Photo radar? Hardly. Meth-heads? Not even close. Earthquakes? Locusts? Plague?

Feds flaunt the law

New rules, guys. No bank robbing — unless you really need the money. No beating people up — unless you’re really mad. No running red lights — unless you’re in a big hurry.

The right path to health care reform

The continuing health care debate in Washington is centered on how we can assure all Americans have access to quality health care, while also making health care more affordable and reducing costs.

To our friends in Payson

All the persons noted below wish to thank the wonderful people of Payson for the heartfelt warmth extended to us over the recent passing of Cynthia Anne Watkins Pool.

Thanks, Jinx

Thank you, Jinx Pyle, for your love of God, country and fellow man!

Real estate appraisers did not cause the bubble

“Unscrupulous appraisers played a key role, manipulating value estimates …” The typical appraiser did not cause the real estate bubble. Appraisers use recent sales to determine market value. Strong demand causes higher prices. Appraisers do not set value, the market does.

Bashas’ is big help to communities

I don’t know about you, but I would surely hate to see Bashas’ go out of business, here or anywhere.

Where’s the water?

I’m not one to write my opinion to a newspaper, but, at this point, I need to know that I am not the only one feeling this way.

New czars have all kinds of power

Some of the newfangled moves in our government have me really confused. These so-called czars apparently have all kinds of power, aren’t confirmed by our elected representatives and aren’t standard U.S. civil service employees.

Sorry to hear about The Small Café closing

I was saddened to hear of the closing of The Small Café.

Payson wannabes are …

Just who are the Payson wannabes? Payson wannabes are people who reside in and around the Payson area who simply want to be able to …

Another huge success for Payson Fourth of July!

The Main Street Merchants Guild would like to extend their sincere thanks for everyone that came to the first of many Main Street 4th of July parades.

There was no brouhaha, but there should have been

After hearing the story about the Payson Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department saying the Payson Sons and Daughters of Liberty could not pass out booklets of the Constitution on the Fourth of July at Green Valley Park because the paper might blow into the lake, I decided to go to parks and rec office and ask for a copy of their regulations. I was told “they have no written regulations.”

Payson man drowns in south fork of Brazos River

Divers recovered the body of a 35-year-old Payson man from a Texas lake Monday morning.

Fossil Creek fish in legal limbo

Verde trout endangered, but feds have no money to complete listing studies

The Verde trout, once common in Rim Country streams, is endangered after all, U.S. Fish and Wildlife has concluded.

Rim towns lag behind in wildland fire codes

Despite Payson and Star Valley sitting in the middle of a ponderosa pine forest at high risk for a devastating forest fire, both communities lag behind in adopting a set of wildland fire codes, says the Arizona State Forester.

Reserves help county balance budget

$2 million needed to bring $100-million budget in line; $9-million bond will expand jail facility

Gila County will scrape through this fiscal year by using $2 million in reserves to balance a $100-million budget that aims to maintain services while expanding facilities with a $9-million bond.

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Homes destroyed, heavy smoke fills town

Despite battling dense smoke, sweltering temperatures and heat exhaustion, firefighters managed to save one Chaparral Pines home Saturday evening, but lost two neighboring high-end homes during a three-hour fight.

Saturday, July 18

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Two houses burn in Chaparral Pines

Two large houses in Chaparral Pines were destroyed by fire Saturday afternoon, while a third home less than 10 feet away was saved from serious damage by Payson firefighters.

Crews turn lightning-caused wildfires into controlled burns

Fires have burned through thousands of acres of thick forest all across Rim Country in the past month. How nice — and how strange it’s so nice.

Arizona Department of Transportation State Route 87 Safety Improvements Payson to Pine

Upcoming Construction Activities: Lane Restrictions to Begin in Segment 2 near Pine Bradshaw Road Closed Beginning July 20 Removal of Timber and Logging Begins in Segment 1

Friday, July 17

Program teaches kids about pets

We at the Humane Society of Central Arizona are very focused on our animals. Therefore, most of the Adoption Options articles are also focused on them. But today’s article is going to be a little different. We are going to talk about some of the things HSCAZ offers our community besides animal care.

Community Almanac

Boyce Thompson Arboretum will be hosting an art show of works by Gila Community College students beginning July 18 and running through August.

Lifelong creative desire led to opening an art gallery

“I can’t ever remember not wanting to draw and paint,” says Minette Richardson in the biographical material posted amongst her paintings in Down the Street Art Gallery.

E-mail organization key to staying in the loop

When was the last time you went through the day without checking your personal e-mail?

‘King of Pop’ will be missed for his musical versatility

Three weeks after the shocking news that Michael Jackson passed away, I’m sitting here still shaking my head that the “King of Pop” is no longer with us. I was really looking forward to his comeback tour that was to begin later this summer.

A sad tale of schools and weed whackers

Here’s a fun idea for a creative writing exercise. Quick: everyone write a one-sentence metaphor to describe the public school budget process.

Everyone has right to their opinion

I read Jinx Pyle’s column each week because he always has something interesting to say.

Good fishing at secondary Rim Country streams

The summer trout fishing season has been going on for three months and all the local waters within an hour’s drive of Payson have had significant angling pressure.

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Friendship spans 48 years across the Atlantic

Former exchange student now knighted by Queen Elizabeth II

Like a good cup of tea, a friendship takes time to seep. With a little care, love and a dab of sweetness it can span a lifetime and across oceans.

Economy pinches Bashas’, other businesses

In the last week, Bashas’ announced it was filing for bankruptcy, several months following a bankruptcy filing by Kohl’s Ranch.

Prosecutor won’t retry murder case

Coconino County Attorney David Rozema will not retry retired school teacher Harold Fish for killing a dog-walking Payson man during a trailside confrontation five years ago due to a change in the law concerning self-defense.

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Fire damages church

Firefighters are still investigating what caused a fire to break out at the Payson Living Word Bible Church in Star Valley Monday evening.

Spend the money on streets, police and humane society, not airport

Regarding the recent town council vote approving a $9,000,000 airport upgrade

Rojo the rooster taught valuable lessons

When I was a kid my Grandmother Belle had a flock of Rhode Island Red chickens (Reds) led by a wise, old, red rooster we called Rojo. He would crow in the mornings just at daylight and his voice had a strong melodic quality that made folks want to get up, smell the coffee and start the day.

Rain eases rationing for communities

Will small developments miss the Blue Ridge boat?

Small communities along the East Verde have been bouncing in and out of water rationing for the past several weeks, irritating some residents and underscoring the stake many such developments could have in Payson’s Blue Ridge pipeline.

Neighbor’s bull runs wild on breeding farm near Young

For better or worse, choosing to live in rural Gila County often means you live by the code of the west.

Football season is coming up

If that is the scent of pigskin permeating the air, it’s because the football season is just over the horizon.

Child identification program at Masonic Lodge

Saturday, July 18 there will be another Child Identification Program (CHIP) at the Payson Masonic Lodge.

Special Olympics out to change athletes’ image

The Payson Special Olympics team, along with similar squads around the country, would like to permanently squelch the R-word from American vocabularies.

Payson business owners urged to simplify ads

Scoops co-owner Maria Higgins was not shocked to learn that 69 percent of area residents polled couldn’t name a roofer. She couldn’t. But she said she would be surprised if roofers took the news to heart and adjusted their advertising campaigns.

Graffiti, trash left behind on forest trails

The other day I was driving to town and passed Box Canyon, which is my favorite place to hike.

Monsoons needed to keep fans from working overtime

How are you handling the hot weather? I know that most people in the Village do not have air conditioning units. I, for one, do not. All my windows are open and the fans are working overtime.

Number of weekly visitors down

Oh the irony of living in Northern Arizona.

Gila college now registering for all classes

Want to enhance your life with conversational Italian or basic Spanish? Interested in learning the dance exercise phenomenon Zumba®, maybe take lessons in basic guitar or improve your digital photography skills?

Activities make library the place to be

The annual summer reading program at the Payson Public Library has concluded, but there are a lot of youth programs and more at the library during July. Some have started, but those interested, can stop by and check them out.

Funeral home planning expansion

Payson’s only funeral home is expanding into a new space near Main Street, which could help the struggling street riddled with vacancies.

Time to boost your college savings?

Do you have school-age children? If so, the end of the school year means that your kids are now one year closer to college.

Opinions on cap-and-trade need to be communicated to representatives

President Obama has pledged not to raise taxes on middle-income Americans, but legislation he and congressional Democrats are backing would do just that.

Help fix a problem, sign up for citizens leadership academy

Some people would complain they were hungry even though they had a ham under one arm and a loaf of bread under the other. They would still think someone else should make the sandwich and feed it to them.

Compassion needed for soldiers with PTSD

I was just listening to the forum on KMOG and a caller stated that she did not know what was wrong with these vets who claim to have PTSD from their war experiences. She said the soldiers from World War II did not have PTSD like we are seeing now.

I sure wish I had known the answer to that question!

I remember Christmas 1940 better than any other. I can still see our living room on Staten Island. Smooth linoleum to play on. A kerosene heater throwing a warm glow. The radio playing carols. The tree. The decorations. The lights.

Pine Strawberry school district faces $20,000 cut

The Pine Strawberry School’s $2.4 million budget this year will drop by just $20,000 from last year because of state small schools money that helps the district compensate for other losses.

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Volleyball coach faces unknowns as season nears

Good coaches never stop planning or worrying — even in the off-season.

Take a trip close to home

Many people in this area stay for the summer since our weather is nice and often we have relatives and friends come for a visit. If you are like me, you show them the town sights, then perhaps the rim and even a visit to Kohl’s Ranch for lunch. A drive to Pinetop-Lakeside is interesting as well are other places in this area. I thought it might be wise to suggest a few of those sights and attractions that you and your guests might enjoy this summer that do not require a vast amount of travel.

Thursday, July 16

No trial for Fish

Coconino County attorney will not conduct second trial in Harold Fish case

There will be no new trial for Harold Fish says Coconino County Attorney David W. Rozema

Wednesday, July 15

GCC student art show at Arboretum

Boyce Thompson Arboretum hostings a show of works by Gila Community College art students July 18 through August.

Share the music

Join Tonto Community Concert Association for its 31st season

Three decades of top-flight entertainment — often by world-class performers — has been given to the Rim Country by the Tonto Community Concert Association.

Garden fresh goodies

Garden fresh produce and fruit, along with artisan baked goods, jams, honey, goat’s milk fudge and cheese are now just down the way in Payson.

The Story of Payson, Arizona

Chapter 22: When trucks replaced mule trains

When Grady Harrison was born Aug. 25, 1891 no one could have guessed he would be the first to bring supplies to Payson in a motorized vehicle. It was 1918, and this enterprising citizen was 27 years old when he began hauling freight from Globe to Payson, ending decades of isolation when the only deliveries were made by pack trains of mules or horses.

Beat heat at library

The Payson Public Library has a lot of youth programs during July. Some have started, but those interested can stop by and check them out.

Tuesday, July 14

Social Security can connect people in special situations

People who use social networking Web sites know that it can be exciting to reconnect with long lost friends and relatives over the Internet. Such surprise connections can be fun and conjure up memories of times forgotten.

Retirement estimator celebrates 1st anniversary

It’s been only a year since Social Security’s Retirement Estimator went online, but you’d never know it based on the praise it continues to receive from users.

Extra SS benefits possible

The idea of someone being “retired with children” may seem like the seed of another television sitcom or reality show. But the fact is that it’s becoming more and more common for older people to have minor children in their care — whether by bringing new children into the world, taking over the care of grandchildren or adopting children who need nurturing parents.

Business Briefs

Office supply store celebrates 10 years in Payson at same location

The owners of Quality Plus, Rosemary and Gary Reed, are celebrating their 10th business anniversary.

After 79 years, still gardening

Some people are just born to do a certain job. For gardener Iris Buckpitt-Shaw this is true.

Second-home buyers drive sales up 142 percent in Pine-Strawberry

The second quarter statistics for the Rim Country real estate picture produced the expected uptick in sales and unit volume over the first quarter of 2009.

Dispute now includes county review of 60 contracts

The debate over whether water consultant Harry Jones has a contract with the county has boiled into what could become an examination of all the county’s contracts.

SV’s removal of brush could help prevent floods

If the Star Valley Town Council wants to keep creeks from gobbling up homeowners’ property, they can simply remove debris clogging channels or install an expensive upstream flood control facility, an engineer explained at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

Reasoning for denial to distribute Constitution was bogus

I am a member of Payson Sons and Daughters of Liberty. To clarify the brouhaha regarding our request to pass out Constitutions and information about our group, it was me that went into the parks and rec office to find out if we needed a permit or any kind of permission to set up a booth for the Fourth of July event at Green Valley Park.

Working together

The Humane Society of Central Arizona, the Town of Payson, the Town of Star Valley and Gila County are working hand in hand to care for the animals in our community.

Good luck to new basketball coach

I’m just writing to wish Jared Swanson all the best as coach of the Payson High basketball team.

Congresswoman got it right

“Cap and Trade” is bad for America and we applaud Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick for courageously voting “no” against this job-killing bill. She was one of only 44 Democrats who voted “no” on a bill that would:

Stand behind and support Pyle

A letter writer’s father taught him about the rationalism of the enlightenment, rather than religion. In other words he taught his desire to promote a secular humanist philosophy using the power of government. He is a revisionist at best and did not teach the truth, for he taught a belief rather than facts.

Doing the right thing for rural Arizona: Why I voted against Waxman-Markey

Rural Arizona has too often been poorly served by Washington. Time and again, the federal government shows us that it does not understand the values we hold and the challenges we face, and we pay the price for their mistakes.

Tonto bridge teaches lesson

We do not own the world. We merely tarry here awhile, then leave it for those who come along after. So we must treasure the world and protect its wonders, for they give us our very breath.

Federal money saves school budget

Federal funds saved the Payson Unified School District from catastrophe this year, Superintendent Casey O’Brien said Monday.

Visitors flocking to natural bridge

Volunteers keep world’s largest travertine bridge open to weekend crowds topping 1,000 daily

They should turn it into a soap opera: Days of our Bridge.

Three more rescued from Hell’s Gate Trail

For the seventh time this year, Tonto Rim Search and Rescue volunteers were called out to the Hell’s Gate Trail for overdue hikers.

PES will operate pilot early intervention program

Universal screenings will help school district find students who need early help

Payson Unified School District’s new program meant to identify early struggling elementary school students is taking shape. Specialists hope to compile a basic operating sketch during the coming school year.

Closed door PSWID, water company meeting leads to more talk

A closed-door meeting involving the seven-member Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District board and three officers of Brooke Utilities has tongues a wagging in filling stations, cafes and watering holes around the two tiny mountain hamlets.

Community Almanac

The Tonto Basin of Arizona, in which rests Payson, is the home of 10 world champion cowboys and cowgirls who will be inducted into the Payson Pro Rodeo Ring of Honor.

Great job with the fireworks

My family and I would like to express our appreciation for the outstanding fireworks display at the lake this year! The duration and variety, as well as the number of new projectiles was truly impressive.

Donors back Payson college

$90 million in pledges could make 320-acre campus here a reality

Payson remains in the running for a four-year college campus — but the race involves more bushwhacking than roaring down a straight-away due to the state’s dire financial condition.

Round one of men’s President’s Cup will be played July 15

With the two rounds of the prestigious President’s Cup just over the horizon, Payson Men’s Golf Association members geared up for the big time showdown in an individual low net shoot-out.

Last hour of daylight is good time to fish Roosevelt

The Arizona summertime temperatures have finally arrived and those 110-degree days make it difficult to be out in that midday sun.

LL tourney in Nogales causing quite a stir

The decision to hold the 10-11-year-old Little League state baseball tournament in Nogales has caused quite a stir around Arizona.

Tourney was solid experience for softball all-star team

Former Lady Longhorn softball coach Curtis Johnson, now the coach of the Payson Little League 13-14-year-old All-Stars, is touting the recently completed Area tournament as a solid learning experience for his squad.

Tease photo

Payson rider wins 85 Open class

Round Two of the Summer Gold motocross races gave local riders a golden opportunity to showcase their skills in front of hometown fans.

Little League team advances to state

10-11-year-old squad heads to Nogales to play for state title

Payson’s 10-11-year-olds Little League all-star team is one of 14 star squads advancing to the Arizona State Tournament to be played July 21 to 28 in Nogales.

Humane society seeks help in matching grant donation

The Humane Society of Central Arizona has received a $5,000 matching funds donation from an anonymous donor. All proceeds of this matching fund will go directly into the building fund.

Take an outing out of the way

Looking for a getaway that is off the beaten path? Perhaps a visit to Young, will fill the bill. The tiny community sits deep below the Rim, this side of the Sierra Ancha Mountains. Its citizens will be pulling out the stops for a big party on July 18 — Pleasant Valley Days — and everyone is invited.

Saturday, July 11

SR 87 Safety Improvements Payson to Pine

Bradshaw Drive will be closed on July 20 allowing crews to begin construction.

Free seminar designed to aid businesses

The public is invited to attend a free seminar next Tuesday, July 14, about how to grow small businesses and thrive in the future.

Shooting range plan near Flagstaff moving forward

he Arizona Game and Fish Commission unanimously voted to enter into agreement with the Coconino National Forest for a land exchange that would enable the Arizona Game and Fish Department to acquire a site for the development of a community shooting range in northern Arizona.

Probation department holding forum

Join the Gila County Probation Department for the first Community Forum to be held in Payson on Wednesday, July 22 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Payson Town Hall, 303 N. Beeline Highway.

Friday, July 10

Payson schools schedule fall registration

The kids are moaning and groaning. Parents are quietly shouting, “Hallelujah!” School in the Rim Country resumes on July 29.

In the long run, charitable giving pays off for everyone

You’ve probably heard that “generosity is its own reward.”

Community Almanac

Girls in the Payson area, including current Girl Scouts, have the opportunity to learn more about plans for troops during the upcoming school year.

Knowing too danged much can sometimes be a problem

As books go, the one I had in my little blue AWOL bag as I boarded an aging Air National Guard passenger aircraft one morning at Travis AFB in California was a great find. It was as though someone had said, “Hey! Let’s write a book that’s just what Tom Garrett is looking for.”

Cool’ people help raise money for Humane Society

Payson really is a “cool” mountain town with “cool” residents and visitors.

Column was an embarrassment for educated readers

We don’t discredit the inherent wisdom of the “American Cowboy” who discusses things with his horse and with fellow cowboys at the local bar.

It was all about making money at any cost

This letter is in response to the Roundup’s second lead editorial entitled “Government ‘help’ picks pockets.”

Choice of worship is called freedom of religion

Yes, this country was founded by mostly Christian men. They were smart enough, however, to include a separation between church and state. This separation was not intended to keep God out of government.

Say hey to flatlanders

Ray Pugel’s column on Valley residents was spot on!

Arizona is right behind California

This is one major reason California is on the brink of bankruptcy. And Arizona is right behind them.

People are watering lawns on off days

The photo of the man spraying around his yard on the front page of the Roundup’s Web site last week sure is deceptive, and it makes it look like water is plentiful here in Payson.

Payson’s own field of dreams

Build it. They will come. Now, maybe that’s a corny line from a nostalgic baseball movie about one man’s dream of a magical cornfield — but it also speaks to the power of a vision.

New, fresh face joins Star Valley council

The Star Valley Town Council is becoming rather proficient in swearing in new council members.

Airport upgrade wins council OK

Joint meeting results in agreement to seek engineer to draw plans for $9 million airport revamp

The Payson Regional Airport Authority brought the ambitious, $9 million master plan to upgrade the airport in for a smooth landing before the town council Thursday.

PUSD saved from slashes

The Payson Unified School District unveiled Thursday night a lean $18.7 million budget for 2010 that nevertheless appeared to maintain programs.

Now popular Cardinals should have plenty of practice visitors

For the past 22 years — the Arizona Cardinals have swooped into Flagstaff for their annual training camp — the state’s football fans, including those from the Rim Country, have pretty much had their own way watching practices and scrimmages.

Payson budget balances on wobbly figures

Record $57 million spending plan meets state deadlines, but disguises deep uncertainty

Payson finally has a budget — but the council still has no idea whether the town will go on a record-breaking federally funded spending spree or wind up resorting to more layoffs and cutbacks.

Spur Bar to reopen in Star Valley

More than a year after a fire forced the closure of the Spur Bar in Star Valley, its new owners plan to reopen it with all its cowboy charm within a few months

Mountain lake fishing report

The following summary was condensed from a report compiled by Rory Aikens with the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

CG Blues will make Saturday concert special

I would like to thank all of the Roundup readers who have called or stopped me on the streets of Payson to wish me congratulations on my recent engagement to Ann. Your warm words are sincerely appreciated.

Theft of alcohol, party lead to charges being filed against three

After thieves made off with $400 worth of alcohol from the Cactus Flats Bar in Tonto Basin, deputies located the alcohol and three suspects at a party later that evening.

Chain saw team in Christopher Creek to help bring down trees

The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Chain Saw Team was in Christopher Creek helping residents cut down some very large trees on their property. They will be in the area for the next two weeks to get hands on training and help neighbors who may have trees that need cut.

Former Rim middle school student wins college roping championship

A Payson-born and Gisela-raised young cowboy has lassoed and tied his way to the College National Finals Rodeo team roping championship. Trevor Connolly, now a senior on the Southeastern Oklahoma State Rodeo team, hooked up with Ryan Van Ahn to win the title June 14 to 20 in Casper, Wyo.

Free child identification program is at Masonic Lodge July 11

On Saturday, July 11 there will be a child identification program held at Payson Masonic Lodge, located at 200 E. Rancho Road, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Lightning part of life on the Mountain

A good part of my growing-up years were spent on top of the Mountain (Mogollon Rim) at the Buck Pasture and in the country from Fred Haught Ridge east to where Knoll Lake is now.

Council ponders sunset on rental tax

The Star Valley council is inching closer to demolishing the 2-percent rental tax.

Postseason not nice to softball all-stars

The postseason for the Payson Little League Fast Pitch 11-12-years All-Stars was short lived, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t productive.

Perfect match for every personality

It’s another hot day at the shelter. The number of animals we have increases on a daily basis, and the urgency and importance of finding our animals forever homes becomes stronger and stronger. Our puppy and dog huts are full, and every kennel we have is being used.

Park booth brouhaha or a misunderstanding?

Hot dogs ain’t free. Vendor permits in Green Valley Park ain’t free. Speech? Definitely free — so long as you phrase your request to speak freely carefully.

Month-long surveillance leads to arrest of three on drug charges

After more than a month of surveillance, police arrested three men Friday morning after finding half a pound of marijuana in a west side home.

Sporadic monsoons bring welcome relief

Well I guess you could say that summer has arrived.

Tease photo

Little League teams lose, one in title game

10-11-year-olds advance to District title game

A pair of Payson Little League all-star teams are out and another battling for the District One tournament championship.

Equestrian events come to event center

Payson Event Center will be a beehive of equestrian activity throughout July and August.

Highway 260 was a bottleneck from Christopher Creek to Payson

Another 4th of July holiday is now gone until next year. It seemed as though the whole population of the Valley was in the Rim Country.

Tease photo

Artificial Rim Lakes create natural beauty

Scenic Bear Canyon Lake is one of the least visited of the Rim Lakes

Bear Canyon Lake gleams in the sunlight that slants through breaks in the afternoon pileup of thunderheads, deep, narrow, dramatic — and completely artificial.

Payson 10-11-years Little League All-Star team advancing to state

The Payson 10-11-years Little League All-Star team is advancing to state as the Region One and District One champions.

Wednesday, July 8

Honoring legendary Rim cowboys and world champions

Payson hosts the World’s Oldest Continuous Rodeo — it was started in 1884 and celebrates its 125th anniversary in August. Now the men and women who started the event and carried the tradition to world championships are to be honored through the Payson Pro Rodeo Ring of Honor.

Escape to Arizona State Parks

A while back, we had a column on visiting Arizona State Parks as a way to enjoy travel on a budget. With school in the Rim Country starting later this month, another installment on our parks seems appropriate.

Jazz concert features vocalist Sherry Petta

Sherry Petta will be the guest artist featured at the next Payson Friends of Jazz Concert.

High-country Heaven

Artificial Rim Lakes create natural beauty

Bear Canyon Lake gleams in the sunlight that slants through breaks in the afternoon pileup of thunderheads, deep, narrow, dramatic — and completely artificial.

Fibromyalgia frustrates athlete

Every time I try to play or exercise, my muscles ache unbearably. How can I get back to where I was?

Artful Adaptations

Cool treats to beat the summer heat

Ice cream is a classic summertime treat and a favorite indulgence for people of all ages. Now, this palate pleaser gets a modern makeover with recipes that cater to the most sophisticated tastes.

Tuesday, July 7

Hate letter

In the June 30 issue of the Roundup there was a letter submitted by a very angry and hateful individual calling Obama a dictator along with other name-calling and ramblings of subjects that he obviously knows nothing about.

Brooke, PSWID to meet today

Brooke Utilities owner Bob Hardcastle and the seven members of the Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District Board will huddle at 4 p.m. today behind closed doors.

Contract dispute referred to county attorney

Mystery of Harry Jones’ agreement sent to attorney by Supervisor Dawson

Supervisor Shirley Dawson has referred the mystery of whether water consultant Harry Jones has a contract with Gila County to the county attorney.

When buying a home, use local lenders

Our Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce promotes buying from local businesses.

Last call for Payson budget at Tuesday’s meeting

Payson will adopt a house of mirrors budget on Tuesday at a 5:30 p.m. special meeting with odd budget rules creating the kind of weird distortion that makes a scrawny fellow with protruding bones look like a plump giant.

Payson council meeting will review airport plan

The Payson Town Council will devote a 5:30 p.m. Wednesday work-study session to checking the landing gear on its sometimes rough relationship with the Payson Regional Airport Authority.

Study identifies flooding, erosion area in Star Valley

A recently released study states Star Valley has more than a dozen “trouble areas” around town where flooding and erosion occurs.

Business briefs

Local business owners are invited to attend a free seminar July 14 to learn how to grow and keep a small business thriving.

Honoring legendary Rim cowboys, champions

Rodeo in the Rim Country might be small-town, homegrown fun, but 10 world champions earned their first spurs here.

Senior center menu

Lunch at the Payson Senior Center, 514 W. Main St., is served at noon, but it is recommended those participating arrive by 11:30 a.m.

Radio station owner, controller and Realtor seek open SV council position

A radio station owner, a company controller or a Realtor/pilot, could fill Nathalie Stroup’s empty Star Valley council seat.

Check Social Security application status online

There’s a lot you can do at Social Security’s Web site, and it’s easy to locate — just go to You can estimate your retirement benefits, find out what kinds of government benefits you might qualify for and even apply for benefits online.

Several musical programs set at Senior Center during July

Is your refrigerator anything like mine? If it is, you undoubtedly accumulate mystery packages — you know, dabs of leftover tuna salad, half a jar of tomato sauce, a dish of pudding, mashed potatoes and whatever else isn’t enough for a meal but too much to throw away.

Airline, Luke residents to vote on joining sewer district

Although it may cost residents roughly $10,000 each to join the Northern Gila County Sanitary District, Payson officials implored residents to make the switch to save two wells from leaky septic tanks and possibly avoid future aggravation from failing systems.

Global warming model does not fit with reality

Roundup reporter, Pete Aleshire accurately reported on a report by the United States Global Research Program on global warming in your June 23 edition.

Demand affordable health care

Heard of the game 20 questions? Here’s one such game.

United States is not a Christian nation

Like you Mr. Pyle, I was raised miles from churches. On the other hand, my father, who holds a B.A. in history, taught me about the rationalism of the enlightenment, rather than religion.

4th of July magic: Glow sticks, hot dogs, children and BOOM

Wow, what a great 4th of July! Kudos to all who planned it, pulled it off, and participated.

Community Almanac

AARP will hold a Driver Safety Class from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Wednesday, July 8 at the Payson Senior Center, 514 W. Main St. This is a four-hour class for motorists age 50 and older.

Jury convicts man on marijuana and weapons charges

A 28-year-old Claypool man was convicted Wednesday of three felonies, the Gila County Attorney’s Office announced.

Fun fails to make county value list but generates much talk

Fun failed to make the list Tuesday as Gila County supervisors and various department heads discussed their values and evolving mission statement during a work-study session.

Old coaches turn winning to golf course

The two old coaches keep getting better and better.

Heelers, headers gather for Young roping

Most of Gila County’s finest heelers and headers have for the past five years gathered each summer in Young to participate in the Ted Meredith Memorial Roping.

Jessi James makes name for herself on rodeo circuits

Payson High School junior Jessi James is making a big name for herself on the Arizona Junior Rodeo Association and Arizona High School Rodeo Association circuits.

9-10-year-old team qualifies for district play

At least one of Payson Little League’s all-star teams will be advancing to state.

Tease photo

Grandson wins race dedicated to Grandpa Ed

It was only fitting that Chris Blose rode his way to a first-place finish in the “Tribute to Grandpa Ed Blose” Motocross race held July 4 at the Payson Event Center.

Tease photo

Thousands turn out for 4th

July 4th fireworks show throws a family-oriented bash that would have made Norman Rockwell proud

Never mind the recession. To heck with the unemployment figures.

Humane Society could get its budget restored

Restoration of $50,000 cut will be reconsidered

The Humane Society might not get its budget slashed this year after all, despite Payson’s ongoing budget woes.

Weekend accident roundup

It was a busy holiday weekend for authorities, with a number of injury accidents including an 11-year-old hurt while on an ATV and two individuals airlifted to a Valley hospital.

Saturday, July 4

Advisor planning cross-country bike ride

Founder of Sound Life Education Mike Fish is taking his show on the road in a cross-country bike ride.

Friday, July 3

Monsoons hit, all fire restrictions in Rim Country lifted

Hot diggity: The monsoons done got here just in time for the Fourth of July.

Some pets terrified by fireworks

Here it is, the third of July. As our country prepares to celebrate its 233rd year of independence, we here at the Humane Society of Central Arizona prepare for the magnificent fireworks show.

New coach one of many Australian players in U.S.

After talking with new head coach Jared Swanson, who formerly played professional basketball in Australia, I was curious if there were any native born players from Down Under who played collegiately or professionally in the United States.

Two Payson girls win Arizona junior rodeo championship titles

For just about any young cowboy or cowgirl, winning a saddle for the first time is a thrill that lasts a lifetime.

Middle school seventh-grader going after top golf prize

Rim Country Middle School seventh-grader Dean Harpe, 12, is itching to have a shot at winning the top prize in youth golf.

Woman helps people find what makes them happy

Lipstick is one of Vivian Seville’s pure joys. She wears it, sometimes in a warm brown, along with earrings and it makes her happy.

Dbacks training camp returns to Rim Country

Diamondback Training Center camps have been a summer staple in the Rim Country for the past 10 years.

Parks open, lakes stocked

After the Legislature approved the state budget early Wednesday morning, 30 state parks facing closure, including Tonto Natural Bridge reopened for the busy holiday weekend.

Rim leaders make plea for real, effective federal help

Aide to Sen. Kyl listens with sympathy, but offers mostly critique of administration

Rim Country business leaders offered a sometimes-desperate plea for federal help and leadership on Tuesday in a wide-ranging meeting with an aide to Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl.

Some duty assignments are just a bit different

I had to quit last week because I ran out of space telling how different life is for military people who are stationed in an embassy instead of on a military base.

Country founded as a Christian nation

I was raised on Payson-area ranches miles from town and miles from churches. My first introduction to Christianity was while riding along horseback with my dad and him singing an old cowboy poem to the tune of Sweet Betsy from Pike:

Fancy title for special treatment

It was gratifying to read the letter from Amanda Peters about the inaction of the Arizona legislature.

Compliments to the park crew

Recently we found ourselves near Green Valley Park and decided to take a walk there.

Activities for July 4 events start today

Today starts the big 4th of July weekend. There will be many activities for everyone’s taste throughout the Rim Country, including the fireworks at Green Valley Park in Payson.

Hope is that global warming projection are wrong

Two articles in your June 23, issue bring out the probable fact that I’m glad that I shall not be here late in this century.

Sons tried to help injured man

I wanted to write in regarding the article speaking of the injured cliff diver. My teenage sons and their friends witnessed this man slip and fall from the cliff, hitting the cliff walls numerous times on his way down. My oldest son, Justin Wilson, 18, jumped into the water to rescue the injured man.

Around Rim Country

Fourth of July fun starts on Friday

The Fourth of July starts on Main Street with the First Friday celebration July 3. Kick off the three-day holiday weekend by joining the Main Street Merchants Guild from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Questions surround death of Forest Lakes man

Perplexing clues in the Mark Russell Irby case have left investigators with more questions to ponder, many of which may never be answered.

Brooke places water use limits on communities

Summertime rise in demand triggers water conservation levels for Pine, Mesa del Caballo and East Verde Estates

A jump in water use prompted Brooke Utilities this week to impose water restrictions on Pine and on several communities along the East Verde River.

Big holiday turnout expected

With several east Valley fireworks shows canceled and a bigger, longer and improved show planned this year in Payson, town officials are expecting a huge turnout for Fourth of July weekend.

Caring for others

Small business group helps woman in need

Even with rain leaking in and state funding slowly siphoned away, Esther Alicia Careaga continued caring for the developmentally disabled adults and children of Payson with a smile on her face for the last 10 years.

Town council rejects zoning change request

Zone change blocked by loophole, campaign promise, two councilors

A loophole and a three-year-old campaign promise won the day for neighbors opposed to a plan to allow 14 instead of seven homes in a forested area off Tyler Parkway.

Music trivia question dedicated to fiancee

After returning home last week from my first trip ever outside of the United States, I can sum up my week abroad in just one word — incredible!

Golden Anniversary Celebration

Robert C. and Sherie Williams Baldridge, of Payson, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on June 8, 2009.

Going to work for yourself? Plan ahead

Are you thinking of striking out on your own and joining the growing ranks of the self-employed?

Stage 2 time for Pine, Strawberry

We just returned from a camping trip at Luna Lake near the New Mexico border, to a very hot and muggy, Stage 2, Rim Country.

Christopher Creek talent show was a big hit with the audience

The Christopher Creek Talent and Art Show was held this past weekend at the LDS chapel, and if you missed it, you missed a good night of entertainment.

Teaching by example could help eliminate forest litter

If you are a local trout angler, no doubt you have your favorite angling spots where you can get away for an hour or two in the cool of a summer evening. There is a certain amount of ownership that one takes on after a few trips, even if it is in the Tonto National Forest, when fishermen accept the responsibility of keeping the area clean of litter.

Jared Swanson named PHS basketball coach

“G’day mate, let’s chinwag.” That lingo might soon be spewed from the mouths of Payson High School boys basketball players if their new coach decides to introduce them to the language from Down Under.

Community needs mending

What this town needs is a good coffee shop

Pine library, Strawberry Patchers team up to teach children to quilt

Inspired by the two youthful entrants in the recent Strawberry Patchers Quilt Show, the Isabelle Hunt Memorial Library in Pine added a quilting class for youth to its summer enrichment program.

Fourth has lots of events

Fireworks, parade, patriotic services, block party, arts festival part of July 4th activities

An old-fashioned, small-town celebration is in the works for the Fourth of July, starting on Friday, July 3 and continuing through Sunday, July 5. Friday, July 3

Appeals Court orders new trial for Fish

Judge erred in not allowing past behavior of the victim into evidence says ruling by Arizona Court of Appeals

A 62-year-old retired schoolteacher who shot and killed a Payson man four years ago at a trailhead north of Strawberry is getting a new trial.

Computer viruses, online scams working together

Imagine a door-to-door salesman (dressed like a physician) coming to your home and proclaiming that your family is infected with the swine flu.

Great time to remember our nation’s principles, values

Independence Day celebrations usually call for parades, barbecues, quality time with family and friends, and of course, fireworks.

Collecting donations for troops

Bank of America employees Pam Macnab and Pat Gonzalez read a thank-you letter from a soldier who received a care package from Payson Supply Line.

Tax credit for wood burning stoves available

As part of the 2009 Economic Stimulus legislation, U.S. homeowners who purchase and install a wood or pellet burning stove, insert, furnace or boiler in 2009 or 2010 can receive a 30-percent tax credit for costs incurred, up to $1,500.

Thursday, July 2

Fish gets a new trial

A 62-year-old retired schoolteacher who shot and killed a Payson man four years ago at a trailhead north of Strawberry is getting a new trial.

Wednesday, July 1

Getaway Around Rim Country

Area gardeners, cooks and bakers with goods to share still have time to rent a stall or sign up for a spot on the co-op table at the Payson Farmers Market.

The Story of Payson, Arizona

Chapter 21: The teacher who became a legend

The town of Payson abounds in legends associated with haunted buildings, saloons, murders and characters whose stories run the gamut of human emotions. One such personage was Payson’s favorite schoolteacher, Julia Randall.

Holy echoes

The echo caught us off guard. First it silenced us in the midst of our casual conversation, wondering what had happened, and then it motivated us to repeat what we said even louder in order to hear it again and again.

A Star-Spangled Celebration!

Start with a sassy salsa of in-season sweet, plump Northwest cherries paired with peppers, onion and cilantro! Serve cracker-like crisps — cut from pita breads using star-shaped cookie cutters — for dipping.

The China Experience

In the mid 1970s I was working as the chief negotiator for a Norwegian ship owner. The company owned two cruise ships and more than 70 cargo vessels.

Fourth of Fun

Rim Country holiday promises music, food, fun and fireworks

An old-fashioned, small-town celebration is in the works for the Fourth of July.

Patriotic partying in Rim Country

Payson and the surrounding area have long had a reputation as being quite a party place. With the 4th of July falling on a Saturday this year, it provides a perfect opportunity to look back upon some of the festive times had in this area.

What’s new in world of cruising?

What’s new in cruising? Lots of changes.