Advisor Planning Cross-Country Bike Ride


Founder of Sound Life Education Mike Fish is taking his show on the road in a cross-country bike ride.

Fish, a real estate investor for more than 12 years, said he hopes to teach the lessons he learned from the challenges he faced in his own life.

“The challenges I have faced and my determination to reach my goals has taught me what it really takes to build a dream, and has shown me how discouraging that ride can be,” Fish said.

“Every challenge was a new opportunity to learn, and learn I did, mostly by the school of hard knocks.”

Fish said he created Sound Life Education to promote the American dream of owning your own home and having money to spare.

“I have created Sound Life Education to not only simplify and organize your life, but to bring back the hope that it is never too late to improve your journey,” he said.

“ I feel it is important for you to understand life is not a destination, rather it’s a journey, and even though you climb a mountain, there is always a bigger one on the other side. Life did not come with a handbook and that’s what has created the lack of understanding of the government regulations that we all must live by.”

Fish and several of his employees are setting out on a cross-country journey across the U.S. to promote the American dream and get the country back on track, Fish said.

Visit to follow the trip.


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