Demand Affordable Health Care



Heard of the game 20 questions? Here’s one such game.

How can America run the largest military in the world and make life and death decisions everyday with guns, bombs, missiles and soldiers’ lives?

How can we devise the Manhattan Project to develop weapons of mass destruction?

How can we develop and launch nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers the size of cities?

How is it we can manage 4.2 million government employees?

How can we send out 52 million Social Security checks, on time, every month? How is it we manage the Medicare and Medicaid payments to thousands of doctors and hospitals?

How can we have helped to win two world wars on two continents and established ourselves as the beacon to the rest of the world as a place of freedom and democracy?

How can America put men on the moon and modules on Mars? How can we manage to collect trillions of dollars in taxes and refund billions of dollars of refunds to millions of citizens every year? How can we collect trillions upon trillions of bits of data from telephone conversations and e-mails with super computers and then track our enemies with devices too complicated to explain? How can America send satellites into space that can read a license plate or direct a missile down a smoke stack? How can America’s scientists map the human genome and develop new medical technologies that will cure diseases that kill and maim today?

How is it that we have become the richest nation in the world and still possess unequalled energy and ideas?

How has America learned to run the largest chain of hospitals in the world, the VA, and simultaneously trained 90,000 health care professionals each year?

So the final question is this — how can we, America, do all of the above, but not care for the health of all its citizens? We do all the above and yet rank way down the list of countries in total health care performance, rated by the World Health Organization (2000), and meantime become No. 1 in health care costs per capita. How is this possible? Why is it we cannot get health care costs managed and medical coverage for everyone?

Our lawmakers have affordable health care, as citizens of America, demand that we have the same. If we don’t, the health insurance companies win, and we the people, its citizens, lose. Even worse, America loses.

Don Wickstrom


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