Working Together



The Humane Society of Central Arizona, the Town of Payson, the Town of Star Valley and Gila County are working hand in hand to care for the animals in our community.

These times are especially difficult for all of us, but together we are working toward solutions for impounding strays and abandoned animals, reuniting animals and owners, and keeping and improving the programs the shelter offers. The towns, the county and the Humane Society have a shared responsibility to the community that we all take very seriously — caring for our animals.

We have a mutual respect for each governing body and the people within them who are working so diligently to help us at the Humane Society. We understand that we all need to look hard at our budgets and that there will be give and take. This is all OK, and it is a good thing to do. It is, in fact, what a great community does — we band together and we figure out what we can do, we share what we can, and we help each other.

After a slow start with the Town of Payson contract negotiations, we are now working fervently toward a fair contract for both parties. We meet regularly and we are all happy with our progress.

The town officials we are working with are a group of people who love animals and who support the Humane Society 100 percent. We thank them for the help they have given us and for the efforts they are making to finalize the impound contract.

We would also like to thank you, the community, who over the years have given us your unwavering support — especially those of you who have given your time, money and energy to promote and support the shelter. We are seeing now, more than ever, how much you care.

We appreciate you all. We could not do it without you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We at the Humane Society of Central Arizona are proud to have served this very special community. It is a privilege to do so and we are looking forward to continuing that service. Times are tough, but by working together, we can make it happen!

Bill Enlund, president, Humane Society of Central Arizona Board of Directors


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