Compassion Needed For Soldiers With Ptsd



I was just listening to the forum on KMOG and a caller stated that she did not know what was wrong with these vets who claim to have PTSD from their war experiences. She said the soldiers from World War II did not have PTSD like we are seeing now.

I would like to try to educate, not criticize this lady with a brief letter to you. I hope she reads the paper.

WWII veterans saw and experienced the horrors of war and when it was their turn to go home they were put on a slow moving boat and debriefing took place. It took a month to reach the USA. This is the key factor. From the Vietnam conflict to present wars, our modern age allows soldiers to be fighting in a horrendous battle one day and put on a helicopter,

then a plane, and the next day they are home on the streets of America with no debriefing. They have to put all of the atrocities they experienced firsthand in some kind of self-made Pandora’s box. Some are more successful at doing this, but there are those who desperately needed the debriefing or counseling. Remember, some of our soldiers who went to Vietnam did not volunteer. They were not self-proclaimed warriors. It was hard on them and it is now surfacing as they grow older. War is not easy, pleasant or a place anyone goes to and comes home the same.

Please have a little more compassion for the soldiers who gave up so much of themselves. They cannot help PTSD, nor is it curable. It is devastating!

Mark Medlock


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