Help Fix A Problem, Sign Up For Citizens Leadership Academy



Some people would complain they were hungry even though they had a ham under one arm and a loaf of bread under the other. They would still think someone else should make the sandwich and feed it to them.

These are the same people who complain the loudest about town government, but offer no help. Citizens that see a need and volunteer to help fix it don’t seem to complain. Maybe they are just too busy helping fix the problem?

Check out the letters to the editor, or the Roundup blog and you’ll soon find several examples of the complainers ... those that

always seem to have a better way or know more than town staff or the council and mayor about how our town should be run. Don’t ask for their help though, because all they want to do is keep the pot stirred.

If you have a better idea or just don’t feel the current administration is doing the job right, sign up for the Citizens Leadership Academy. This is put on by the Town of Payson and Arizona Public Service and is free, yet not enough people are coming forward to sign up. The police department is in desperate need of volunteers and getting few applications. Almost every town department needs volunteers to the point that current volunteers are overworked and need help.

You choose, help, or just criticize those who are getting the job done. I have heard certain folks say they can get more done by complaining than helping to make things better, that’s just plain bull.

J.R. Holiday


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