Get On The Ball If You Don’T Want To Be Clobbered



I was recently contacted by someone who called himself a neoconservative Republican and warned me about my extremist, old-fashioned Republican views.

Neo, of course is just a two-dollar word for new, but when it is placed in front of “conservative” the meaning of that word is destroyed.

Neoconservatives often favor the welfare state and globalism. They downplay religious issues, and are unlikely to actively oppose abortion or homosexuality.

The neo guy on the block didn’t bother to sign the correspondence, so let’s just call him Neo. Neo is fearful I am going to destroy his party, but he can rest at ease. The Republican Party doesn’t need me to destroy it. It has pretty well taken care of that job without my help. George Bush, John McCain and a bunch of other neoconservatives campaigned under themes of lower taxes, less government, and more freedom. Remember the contract with America? Then when they were elected to office they turned 180 degrees. They installed an activist foreign policy using U.S. tax dollars to bomb the stuffing out of little countries. They restored the damage using more of our tax dollars. They pretended to protect the American people from terrorism while they passed the unconstitutional Patriot Bill usurping more of our freedoms. They sent most of our troops overseas and opened our borders at home like a sieve. They circumvented the Constitution at every turn except where it could be construed to protect aliens, terrorists, and U.S. senators. They dramatically increased the national debt, overseeing the biggest expansion of federal entitlements in our history and nationalized much of the financial sector.

Obama is right at home traveling down the road Bush and McCain paved for him. Same whisky — different bottle — Obama is just drinking harder, driving faster, and bowing lower. Those of us who believe in limited government have every reason to take the next exit and if Bush and McCain are conservatives then Neo is right. I need another label. But, they are neoconservatives which is a completely different breed of cat.

By today’s standards true conservatives are often viewed as extremists. So be it. I am extremely tired of the same old rhetoric. Politicians are all afraid to say “socialism,” “fascism” and certainly “communism.” They use politically correct words like “better management,” “governmental solutions,” “regulations,” and “more control,” but whatever name they give it, it all boils down to taking the wealth from those who earned it and lining the pockets of those who didn’t.

The stated objective is always to control the economy, but what inevitably ends up being controlled are the honest actions of hard working, decent people. The more controls, the further out of whack the economy becomes. We need no better example than Russia. Some of us remember when back during the Cold War they solemnly announced their next “five-year plan” every year. The objective was to achieve economic growth and stability. They continually crash-landed head down in a corner until they injected a healthy dose of capitalism into their Soviet bailout package. Are we really so dumb that we are willing to trade our free enterprise system that produced the greatest country the world has ever known for an age-old failure? That is for a despotic, totalitarian government.

This reminds me of the story about the guy who hit his golf ball into the ant den. Fearful of being stung, he jumped around and took a swipe at the ball missing it by a healthy margin. He repeated the action a couple more times scattering sand and dust, but leaving the ball untouched atop the den. One little ant sized up the situation and said to his friends, “You know, if we don’t want to get clobbered, we better get on the ball.” If the American people don’t want to get clobbered by Obama’s big stick, we better get on the ball. Dante said, “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of moral crises maintain neutrality.”

This brings to mind Barry Goldwater’s 1964 rallying cry, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice — and moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.” Yes, Barry lost big time, but he reintroduced true conservatism to America, opened the door, and laid the groundwork for the Reagan Revolution.

So what is wrong with having a few extreme views? I am extremely faithful to my wife, as she is to me, and we both seem to like it that way. My true political philosophy corresponds closely with that of Barry Goldwater as set fourth in his great book, “Conscious of a Conservative.” I didn’t leave the Republican Party. It left me.

Neo’s e-mail tells me that neoconservatives take a quiet position in the middle of the road. I don’t see much in the middle of the road except yellow stripes, dead skunks and lame roosters. Silence is really not golden, it’s yellow. Good luck, Neo.

Como Siempré, Jinx

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