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by Lisa Boyle and Chandra Cushman, Humane Society of Central Arizona

Monsoon season has arrived. The badly needed rain is such a blessing. Unfortunately, the thunder that comes along with it has really been tough on the dogs. Just today we have received three different dogs that were found running down the road after the early afternoon storm. Plus, there is one frantic petsitter searching desperately to find one of the dogs she is caring for who dug out and is missing in action.

There are several ways to keep your pet from escaping the yard during a storm, but the best way is to just keep them indoors. Even in a garage or laundry room or sometimes they may need a kennel.

Most of the animals who find their way here after a storm are lucky and have someone who cares enough to come and pick them up. But for a few, the ending doesn’t go so well. They are left here for one reason or another. After their 72-hour holding period, it is decided whether the animal is adoptable. If we determine they are, at that point they become a member of the HSCAZ family.

Once they become ours, they are then neutered or spayed and placed up for adoption or connected with a rescue organization that is breed specific.

For instance, we have a 9-year-old boxer here now, who has gone over the fence twice during this last week of thunder. His owners have decided they can no longer deal with him, so they have turned him over to us. We have connected with a wonderful organization from the Valley called “Boxer Love” where he will get another chance. We will arrange his ride down, and wish him a happy ending.

Believe it or not, there are many happy endings at HSCAZ. We just introduced Jan, one of our 4-month-old pups, to another dog who was adopted from us over a year ago, and she is going home with him and his family.

Success stories come in to us every day of animals that came through our facility, who were at one time just another lost or abandoned animal. Some would call them throw-aways, but because we are believers and gave them a little extra time, they are living happily ever after.

And speaking of happy endings, the frantic petsitter I mentioned at the beginning of this article just found her missing dog.

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Bandy is an 8-month-old Coonhound mix. He was picked up as a stray at Walmart and, for some reason, never reclaimed. He is neutered and current on his shots. He does need some help with potty training and we do offer one free training class with an adoption. He is a bit shy, but he gets so excited when you spend time with him, he sometimes ends up between your legs. This youngster will make a great family dog, or a hiking companion. He is a special needs dog because he is starting to break down from being here for so long.


Feather is an affectionate 3-year-old Russian Blue mix. Her long, flowing fur will require daily grooming to maintain her shiny, smooth coat. She was rescued from a trailer park where she lived outside and scrounged for food. She does not like other animals, so she is a special needs pet because she needs to be the only animal. She will show her appreciation to you every day by lying in your lap and loving on you. She is so sweet and cuddly and has been here too long. She is ready to go home.


Abby is a 1-year-old Irish Wolfhound/ Black-mouth Cur mix. She was adopted once and returned because she was left to be an outside dog and wasn’t happy with that. She was then put in foster care for a potential adoption. However, that didn’t work out well either. She was adopted a second time to be used as therapy dog, but therapy training didn’t take with her, due to her breed. She is housebroken and leash trained and obeys commands very well. She has so many positive qualities, like the fact that she loves children and is very friendly with cats and other dogs. Please give Abby a chance. This time she needs to be adopted into her forever home.


Sassy is a 10-month-old Terrier/Hound mix. She was adopted and returned because her previous owner didn’t have enough time or energy for her. Sassy is very active and will require a home with an active family who will exercise her. She gets along with other dogs and has learned to walk on a leash and is potty trained. Sassy will make a great companion for a hiker or jogger — as long as she can stay busy, she’ll be happy. She is a special needs dog because she is high-energy and needs an active home; she is starting to break down being here.


Mona is a beautiful Terrier mix. She was rescued from a home with 27 dogs. She has not had much human interaction, until she came here. We saw potential in her from the beginning. Slowly she started to come around. She would stay at the front of the kennel when she saw you, rather than running to the back and hiding. Her tail would wag and she would kiss our hands when we reached in to pet her. She is still shy and getting used to us. She is a special needs dog for all of the reasons above. The right person will have to come along for her.


Toot is an adorable 2-year-old Terrier mix. She came from the same home as Mona, with the 27 dogs. Toot was more stand-offish and quiet. It took her a bit longer to come around to us, but when she saw Mona being friendly, she decided she wanted attention also. She is so sweet and we are so amazed with her progress. She is a special needs pet and will need a very special home; one she can feel safe and loved in.

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