Molly’S Letter To The Community



Hi, my name is Molly and I am a 4-year-old American foxhound. My owner and I read Mikey Marazza’s article about the trash and graffiti at box canyon. My owner had surgery back in December; he needed some exercise, so I started taking him hiking.

We really enjoy the outdoors and like to hike the Forest Service trails and the Town of Payson trails. Unfortunately, like Box Canyon, the local trails are also becoming trashed daily. I asked my owner why humans can carry a full 12-ounce beer and soda into the woods but can’t carry an empty 1-ounce can out of the woods? Is it easier to break empty bottles than carry them out?

Shouldn’t fast food restaurants just give the people their food and keep all of the bags and food wrappers? Why do humans need to carry furniture into the woods, the deer and elk can’t use it? Mr. Editor, maybe one of your readers can tell us why they do these things.

Ed Bryan for Molly


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