Who Could Resist Pressure With Open Voting Ballot



The Democrats in Congress and the White House want to abolish the secret ballot for union elections. I am quite sure that having the “card check” system will work to the advantage of the corrupt union bosses who cannot win a fair election.

I wonder who would dare to resist when a union rep from the notorious Teamsters Union or the hopelessly corrupt Hotel, Restaurant and Casino workers union shows up after dark with a “card check” form in hand?

If we do not need a fair and secret ballot in union elections, why would we need them in general elections? Our president comes from the political culture of Chicago, where the very idea of free and fair elections is a tired joke. Who has not heard of the dead rising from their graves in Chicago to take part in elections there?

We are on the verge of seeing a takeover of the whole country by the same corrupt Tammany Hall-style that has turned our major cities into wastelands of corruption, hopelessness and despair. The Democrats understand power, they understand that it is better for them to win an election than to fairly contest an election and risk a defeat.

How much tax money have the Democrats in Congress fed to the criminal organization known as Acorn? Is it $300 million?

Andy McKinney


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