Concerns, Questions About Water Deserve Answers



The editorial “County session is curious, curiouser” (July 24 Roundup) criticizes individuals attempting to get answers to questions about the Pine-Strawberry water situation. In the past, inquiries to the county supervisors regarding the activities of Harry Jones and Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District (PSWID) were ignored by Supervisor Martin prompting only one disinterested reply from her. At the same time, PSWID has not always been forthright in answering questions.

The questions and concerns of these individuals include whether PSWID is legally a “domestic” water district with the authority to purchase a water company; escalating attorney fees; the propriety of various terms and conditions in the Compass Bank loan commitment letter; the reasons for the failure of immediate possession; a 2009-2010 fiscal year budget that only provides a miscellaneous list of items to account for the expenditure of $9.2 million; the lack of attention to providing guarantees that future growth would only occur with a sufficient water supply, etc., are important questions and concerns that deserve answers.

The referenced editorial overlooked several recommendations made to the board of supervisors. These recommendations include, among others: testing wells for new subdivisions in the summer when Pine and Strawberry wells are at their lowest level and eliminating the 135 gallons of water per day per lot seasonal use subdivision from guidelines for new subdivisions. Adopting these recommendations could lead to the end of development without a sufficient water supply.

We are not trying to perpetuate feuds. We are not evil “agents” of Hardcastle. We are reasonable people who would like to have fact-based, unemotional discussions of water matters. We welcomed the opportunity to be heard.

Bernice E. Winandy


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