Cutbacks And County Plans Don’T Add Up



Has anyone looked up the meaning to cutbacks?

Despite state “cutbacks” (article in Payson Roundup, 7/21/09), the county is planning on buying the building they are leasing, on building extensions to the jail in Globe and to the public administrative building while raising our taxes again. If our properties are on the decline; that means that eventually our taxes will be more than our property is worth. What’s wrong with this picture?

Gila County, get your priorities in order! If you have to raise taxes, why not hire more law enforcement, fix our much-needed roads and build a bypass for emergencies, and since we are at such risk for fire, cut and trim trees and undergrowth and remove like Prescott and Flagstaff did and does. Now that would be money well spent.

Don’t you realize that people are struggling right now to hang on to their homes and survive?

There are people out there who want to do as you say: trim around their homes and clean up, but don’t have the financial means or a way to do it without having to pay some outrageous fee to have it done.

You wanted a retirement community, remember?

I do realize that the fire department is busy, but what about the Forest Service getting busy and helping these folks? What is ADOT doing?

Do you realize that there are only two roads in and out of Payson in case of a catastrophe? What then?

Bad idea people.

Carmela Klein


frederick franz 7 years, 5 months ago

I'm rather irritated with the county increasing taxes. Payson, and the state are cutting back some taxes and now the county ignores the whole issue of hard times for many people. I will file an appeal on my assessed valuation when my tax bill comes. I hope that everyone will do likewise if they feel that the county deserves some strong feedback on their actions. -Fred


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